Conservatives and Blood Donations, research and logic

    Have any of you ever donated blood.  I’ve donated in the past, after about a year of not giving yesterday my wife and I went back to our Central Blood Bank.  When you read the sign in sheet you find that many of the lifestyle questions would indicate a certain bent.  This is not specifically political or idealogical but common – let’s use some logic | Read More »

    Never Negotiate in Weakness – the Inordinate Pricing Distribution

    Reading the Sunday paper, a mix of watchman warnings (to late) and cynic’s screeds.  This thread starts with the premise: When Government Health Care becomes a mandate who can resist it? For all the talk about the distortions that will take place in the system, from hospitals and doctors to patient care and death-treatment… who among us will not be assimilated into the great collective | Read More »

    Let’s Talk About Race: Gates, Obama and Keyes

    Racism has reared its ugly head once again, haunting America as if from the great beyond. At least that is what El Presidente Barak (sp) Obama would have us believe. I for one don’t buy it. Prejudice has always existed in one form or another in every geographic area throughout history. To imply that America is unique in our relationship to intramural fighting among groups | Read More »

    Shepard of the Law – what is judicial activism really?

    On a more esoteric level – I would like to explore the connection between religion and the law. You can apply this to Judge Sonia Sotomayor in whatever way you see fit. At first it is apparent that religion consists of laws, rules for behavior. For those of you who would like to explore the difference between religion about God and a relationship with God | Read More »

    What is torture? What is our government NOT telling us?

    What is torture? What is our government NOT telling us? Thinking recently about these torture memos and something doesn’t smell right, and it’s not the stench coming from Eric Holders office. I’m thinking about the Senators and Congressmen sanctimoniously sitting in their leather chairs smiling pitilessly at reporters and cameras and witnesses. They are twisted individuals; we must understand this about our elected representatives. Politicians | Read More »

    What stakes are higher than Life and Death?

    The Associated Press: US captain’s rescue raises stakes in piracy ops These dopes in the AP seem to think that by Obama taking decisive action against these terrorists (whether or not that’s what he calls them) they are going to be more aggressive.  Are they brain dead?  Okay we know the answer is functionally yes.  Let me rephrase: how brain dead are they?  These people are imbecilic; | Read More »

    Senate Bill rings the death knell of newspapers

    You know that newspapers are on life support when congress has to step in with the shock paddles.  These instruments of propaganda are already working hand-in-hand with government to legitimatize One Party Rule.  I would say they are sleeping with the enemy, but one would have to have a prudent understanding of the press and what the first amendment actually entails to consider a newspaper | Read More »

    Why listen to Obama Speak when His Actions are so Loud

    Listening to Obama tonight (against my better judgement) left me with a few impressions: The job is catching up to him.  His teleprompter was having an off day – Obama was stumbling through his opening remarks.  His eyes look more shadowed, the glimer and glint are gone. His references to Bush (or the Bushes’) gave me a perspective on the job of president.  I picture | Read More »

    Economic Fascism – AIG only the most recent example

    The imbecilic characterization of business as deceptive and even criminal is crushing enterprise in the US. If only it was not partially true. Right now we have a Joint Venture of Evil between government and industry.  If only their activities were as illegal as they are immoral.  Unfortunately the foxes are guarding the hen house. There is enough blame to go around concerning our “financial | Read More »

    Some people have to learn the hard way…

    And some people never learn.  With each passing day I am wondering when this house of cards will come tumbling down.  The sooner the better because if we continue this gradual slouching into Gomorrah slowly enough we will never return.  I’m sure each of you had similar experiences, unless you are holed up in some enclave of patriotism.  A few of my friends were taken | Read More »