Generation Ascendant: Rubio vs. Clinton

    The Millennials are all the rage. Everyone cares about what 20-somethings think and buy. But what about that odd generation between the Millennials and the Boomers: Generation X? Have we forgotten about the children of the 80’s and how much Reality Bites? If you measure generations by parents having children our generations are spanning larger gaps in time. The children of the Baby Boom generation | Read More »

    Untangled Web: Krugman on Poverty

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practise to deceive! – Marmion, Walter Scott A regular (meaning semi-weekly) piece to address some of what passes for intelligence in the media. This critique will break down an article or portion of an article to reduce the spin and bring to light the shadow in falsehood propagated by the left. While there may be factual | Read More »

    Cultural Manipulation: How Wikipedia is influencing our nation

    Don’t bother editing Wikipedia. Wikipedia is in charge of rewriting history according to the political persuasion of its masters. And we are worse off for it. How can the The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act get a nickname in Wikipedia: But the The Affordable Health Care for America Act is never called Obamacare in | Read More »

    Glenn Beck, Ben Carson and the Gay Mafia

    Glenn Beck says that Ben Carson’s presidential campaign is over. He’s probably right. Then again Ben Carson has always been a man looking for a campaign. I like the man. It’s gotta be hard to go from a prolific career in neuro-surgery and make the leap into politics. Few men made the US presidency the first elected office they attained, those who did primarily served in | Read More »

    The Keystone XL Pipeline, Another Way to View Democrats

    We deride and his inept leadership in the Senate. Rightly so, he could not override Barrack Hussein Obama’s idiotic veto of an economically necessary piece of 4-year overdue legislation. Look at it this way, if you want your gas prices at the pump to decrease you needed the Senate to boot the President’s veto. Not because it will have an immediate influence on the amount | Read More »

    Who are these idiots, Republicans who vote with Democrats?

    When I read that 75 Republicans voted with 182 Democrats to pass a “clean” read: toothless DHS Funding Bill yesterday I just had to know, who are these idiots?  Find out below, you may have one in your state. On Motion to Recede and Concur in the Senate Amendment: H.R. 240: Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2015. Date: Mar 3, 2015 Number: House Vote #109 | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh, Scott Walker and College: What is a career path?

    Rush Orders: I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh for over 22 years, at 36 I’m a Rush baby. El Rushbo has influenced my thinking greatly; he got to me before I was corrupted by any public school system or college professor. And over that time I’ve struggled with a major theme in his show: What is the Glory of the American Enterprise? Rush Limbaugh is constantly | Read More »

    Data Head: Is Scott Walker too Conservative to win?

    The Daily Kos provides endless fodder for the left. It is a good barometer of the liberal, progressive, Marxist movement. This recent article was meant to position Scott Walker as too conservative. And it takes pot-shots at the correlation between income and political orientation. However, I would like to draw two separate conclusions from the same data (the charts below represent this data). I explicate these | Read More »

    Going Nuclear: The Radioactive Senate needs to step up

    With our new Senate in office less that 20 days the prospects of getting things done looms large. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans would prefer that Congress undo the damage that they’ve done (i.e. Obama-care etc.) we can think of a number of legislative actions that would be beneficial. There are few bills that are more important than the authorization to move | Read More »

    Presidential Competition Pound for Pound: The Tale of the Chubs Running

    I can’t help but observe that many of the early entrants and front-runners in the 2016 presidential election are a little on the heavy side. Or as Cartman would say: “I’m not fat, I’m festively plump.”  Is it just me or are these four candidates big boned? Maybe it is just winter insulation, holiday cheer, turkey and ham that I see, but it has me thinking about voter perceptions. | Read More »