The Speaker of the House: Bringing Articles of Impeachment

    Consider the following speech as if John Boehner was giving it on the House Floor.  Andrew Napolitano details the reasons for impeachment in his article, but could a member of congress deliver them in a presentation of articles of impeachment?  There is more to be said here, but I want to capture the tone of the speech that is not for the Congress but really | Read More »

    Rush Orders: Calling Out Limbaugh. You didn’t do enough to save Virginia either!

    First a bit of US History trivia: Who was the first Governor of Virginia? I am a Rush baby, and I listen to his show religiously.  There is no better place to find out what is going on than his program.  This week the Sultan of Snark was at it again, rightly criticizing the GOP (among other factors) for not doing enough to help Cuccinell | Read More »

    The Liberal Media Shutdown

    Liberal Media Shutdown Rather than engaging the in the crisis mode editorializing on the government shutdown I would like to speculate on a more productive course of action.  Presently the media is in a full frontal attack on the remaining vestige of American statesmanship.  At Redstate we know that there is a viable alternative to getting your news from the mouthpiece of the Democrat party.  | Read More »

    Open Letter to our Republican Senators: Immigration Strategy Notes

    Like the Miami Heat full court press the Gang of Eight immigration bill is red hot and being served up right now. The debate around immigration is framed by the media as economic and political.  As far as the economic implications, we know that we have immigrants working in the US now. From a political standpoint the conservative Republicans will lose if we cannot position | Read More »

    Rush Orders: Why the Republicans Support Immigration Reform

    Rush, let me explain to you what’s going on.  You’ve asked for help multiple times today.  I think you are playing possum.  But for the sake of argument I will help you out.  In your opening monologue today you kept saying that you don’t understand what the Republicans are doing when it comes to this Immigration Reform bill. Don’t you know who you are dealing | Read More »

    Romney Target Marketing – Horses and Bayonets and Obama bin Laden

    Romney came into last nights debate with a plan: to target the few remaining undecided voters and convert them. This was a chess move. He has demonstrated his willingness to attack in the first debate, spar in the second, and aikido in the third. My observations on last night’s debate: Romney knew his supporters will remain in his camp and there is very little he | Read More »

    The power to tax is the power to destroy

    I feel the vice as it tightens on my head and the noose is tighter on my neck.  Your relationship with your government has been fundamentally changed by one man, Chief Justice John Roberts.  The Obamacare mandate construed as a tax is a new boot on the neck of Americans.  We’ve lost our freedom and I feel the pressure of government impinging on my ability to work and live | Read More »

    Bush and waterboarding wins the day

    “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy The events of the last 24-hours were brought to you by the efforts over the last 6 years.  In the Politico: In the biggest break in a global pursuit of bin Laden that stretched back to the Clinton administration, the U.S. discovered the compound by following one of the terrorist’s personal couriers, identified by | Read More »

    What Michele Bachmann should have said on Fox News Sunday

    I like conservative women.  That is why I married one.  Good men need good women. As I watched Bachmann on Fox News Sunday this morning on hulu she held herself well.  Chris Wallace took it upon himself to draw her out and basically provided a disagreeable front.  This is fine, I would expect a desk interviewer to do nothing less.  Chris is generally good at his job | Read More »

    I’ve got an Ace up My Sleeve but it isn’t Trump.

    No one doubts that Donald Trump is in it for el numbero uno. He says that our country is in dire straits but would he be willing to use his influence to support a legitimate Republican candidate? No. Therefore he is lying when he says that he knows we have to stop Obama. The only way Trump wants to stop Obama is if he can | Read More »