Born 2/18/1949. 30+ Year in healthcare finance profession. Have been catching Democrat "gifts" since the 1996 Presidential elections.


    The Most Powerful People In Washington?

    I bet if you asked 100 people in DC who the most powerful people in Washington are you’d get a variety of answers.  President Obama would probably top the list, but he wouldn’t be my first choice.  I’d say that Wendy Edelberg and Kim Kowalewski should get that honor.  Who are Wendy and Kim and why would I chose them?  Wendy is the Asst. Director | Read More »

    2013 Budget – Washington is MIA

    The WH OMB 2013 budget will have been out a full 3 weeks by tomorrow at noon.  Yet I’ve haven’t seen any comments on the two most important items in the budget. 30+ years in the healthcare finance field taught me that the most important part of any budget is the key assumptions.  Because of that, I go to the Key Economic Assumption schedule first | Read More »