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    $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Means Increased Automation and Decreased Employment

    Fast food workers planned to strike in over 150 cities across the United States earlier this month to demand the minimum wage be raised to 15 dollars an hour. The demonstrations led to arrests in many cities – 50 were jailed just in Chicago, but these protesters are not alone in their endeavor. President Obama has also been clamoring for a minimum wage increase regardless | Read More »

    Restoring the Second Amendment on College Campuses

    More than 19 million students are set to begin spring semester in colleges across the United States. With mass shootings and individual crimes on college campuses lingering in the minds of parents, students, and college employees, safety is critical and invaluable. But university police departments are admittedly over-stretched and unprepared, endangering the well-being of students and faculty. While some states are rushing to restrict the | Read More »

    The Government’s Monopoly of Student Debt

    President Obama highlighted the lingering concerns surrounding student debt during his weekly address. He touted his executive action to limit student loan payments, and he also hinted at enacting a policy to curb rising tuition. Meanwhile, he is pressuring Congress to pass a student loan relief measure to ease the financial burden on college graduates. As of 2012, more than 70% of 4-year college graduates | Read More »

    Gun-Free Zones are Killing Us

    Kennesaw, GA recently became the surprising setting for a shooting rampage that occurred at the local FedEx facility. Kennesaw, the state’s 4th safest city, gained notoriety in 1982 for being the first US town to require all heads of household to own a firearm. Before gun prohibitionists rejoice, this shooting actually occurred in a gun-free zone where law abiding citizens are often left defenseless and | Read More »

    Save the Postal Service from the Government

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) announced a loss of 2 billion dollars for the 3rd quarter of 2014 alone. This is an improvement upon the 15.9 billion it lost in fiscal year (FY) 2012, but it’s not enough. After years of failing to become solvent, it’s time to have an honest discussion about the realities of ending the government-run legal monopoly of the postal | Read More »

    Capitalism vs. Economic Patriotism

    President Obama chided companies who have essentially moved overseas for tax purposes. He shamed them for practically renouncing their citizenship and not exercising “economic patriotism.” Obama is not planning on stopping at just publicly denouncing companies and hoping they comply with his view of economic patriotism. He intends on taking action to prevent this from occurring, and he is asking congress to pass legislation in response. Obama’s | Read More »

    Levelling the Abortion Debate; Regulate, Tax, and Repeat

    Recently enacted state laws regulating abortion providers in Alabama, Texas, and many other states are in the midst of the judicial process. These new statutes effectively lessen the number of abortion clinics in their respective states. The deluge of new laws is returning the often volatile abortion debate to a head and may offer a strategy to severely limiting abortions in the United States. Alabama | Read More »