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    My Handyman Barry

    I hired a new handyman last spring to take care of the yard and other chores around the house. I knew I was taking a chance with Barry because he really had no experience as a handyman. However, he is an extremely good talker. Barry promised he would cut the crabgrass in my yard in half by the end of the summer. Instead the crabgrass | Read More »

    William F. Buckley, Jr. on saying “no”

    There’s a letter to the editor in today’s Topeka Capital-Journal from Sarah Karl. The retired school teacher writes that politicians are acting like children. “The Republican Party, at all levels, is at the 2-year-old stage of development – focused on saying ‘no,’” Karl says. “Two-year-olds are beginning to realize there is a world around them. However, they want the world to continue meeting all their needs | Read More »

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    Nightline smears “conservative echo chamber”

    While channel surfing last night, I watched a segment on ABC’s Nightline entitled “Classroom Bullies.” This short segment about Obama’s speech to government school students is a great example of why the American people find it so difficult to trust the mainstream media. The transcript for last night’s Nightline has not yet been posted, but you can view the video at The segment begins | Read More »

    Barbara Boxer: The U.S. Senate’s “Maestro”

    It’s been three weeks since Sen. Barbara Boxer lectured an Army general for having the temerity to call her “ma’am,” so this item is a bit dated. However, I caught a rerun of the “Maestro” episode of “Seinfeld” last night and was struck by the similarities between Boxer and Cobb. If you’re not familiar with the exchange between Boxer and the general, here is a | Read More »

    Conservatives not responsible for George Tiller’s death

    It was predictable. In the aftermath of Dr. George Tiller’s murder, liberal commentators have blamed the entire pro-life movement for the actions of one man, Scott Roeder.   Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman’s column appeared in the Lawrence Journal-World on June 3 with the headline “Wichita doctor’s killer didn’t act alone.” That headline was contradicted by the first two lines of Goodman’s column: “It is | Read More »

    A “Red State” Truth Commission

    I wrote a book last year entitled “What Really Happened: The Story of Clinton Inc.’s Efforts to Rewrite Bill Clinton’s Record on Iraq and Terrorism.” It’s on and elsewhere, but I’m an unknown author with no literary agent and with no budget to promote it on my own. I wrote the book inform fellow conservatives, but a book that is not bought cannot inform. | Read More »

    Investigate Clinton admin’s use of torture

    In 1995, the Clinton administration began an extraordinary rendition program in which terror suspects were moved from one country to another. Michael Scheuer, the CIA agent in charge of snatch operations from 1995 to 1999, says about 50 renditions took place during those years. Scheuer said he wanted the suspects brought to the U.S. as prisoners of war with Geneva Conventions protections. However, the Clinton | Read More »

    Democrats Advocating Friendship with Terrorists (DAFT)

    With the all the talk of closing Gitmo, I thought I’d put together a promotional video for Democrats Advocating Friendship with Terrorists (DAFT). Admittedly, I’m no Spielberg, but I think you’ll get a kick out of this:

    Inheriting the worst economy since FDR?

    Since Barack Obama became president-elect, many in the mainstream media have claimed he will inherit the greatest economic crisis since FDR.   Interestingly, many in the media made similar claims before Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president. For example, according to the January 19, 1981 issue of Newsweek, “When Ronald Reagan steps into the White House next week, he will inherit the most dangerous | Read More »