The Model Liberal(and she doesn’t even know it)

    I have a friend who although doesn’t know it, lives the model liberal life of stagnancy. For the sake of her privacy in this posting I will call her Jane. Jane grew up in a very conservative rural western Pa family. She considers herself conservative. I mean she goes to church, is pro life, pro gun, and always tries to vote that way. The thing is that she | Read More »

    A Quick Thought ON Gun Control

    Yesterday there was another shooting in a New Jersey police station. I do have sympathy for the victims and normally would not write a diary so quick after it happening. This is an exception because the shooting took part because of at least one police officer’s incompetence. I think it is safe to say that if you are a police officer and someone forcibly takes | Read More »

    Taxes The 47% Pay

    Mitt Romney’s comment of the 47% who don’t pay federal income taxes holds true. It hurt him though. Why because he failed to realize that although those 47% might not pay income taxes(I will not either) we still do pay taxes. He failed to show along with others in the party running how much the government really cuts into our pockets through tax and regulation. | Read More »


    I want to start by apologizing for any errors in spelling and grammar. This is my first attempt at public writing. Hopefully it will get better over time. Now on to the issue at hand, electability. On this subject on this site I think I am already preaching to the converted. We lost the election when Mittens won the nomination. The one key reason for | Read More »