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    Doesn’t translate well into English

    Some ask the question, “why or should English be the official language of the United States?” The answer to that question, it already is. The reason that it is, is simple. It was Great Britain that the thirteen colonies were separating from and writing the declaration of Independence in French wouldn’t have translated as well when king George got a copy. Some might want Americans | Read More »

    Grandiose thoughts

    I was watching Fox and Friends and they were discussing the debate the night before, 1/19 on CNN. Chris Wallace came on and they asked him about the first question and he thought that is was the right first question. No surprise there. Then they went on to discuss the back and forth between Santorum and Gingrich where Gingrich said he does have grandiose thoughts. | Read More »

    The lost precincts of Iowa, now here is a real scandal!

    Here is a scandal that the press isn’t reporting, about Iowa. Of the 8 lost precincts of Iowa, Romney lost 7 of them in 08, imagine that. The one he did win the vote broke down like this. Emmet County’s Estherville Ward 2. Romney 6, Huckabee 5, Thompson 5, McCain 4, Paul 1 As you can see Huckabee and Thompson both only lost by 1. | Read More »

    Republican ruling class throwing tea party under bus.

    Today 12/23 Speaker Boehner and senate minority leader McConnell cave to Reid and Obama. The headlines will read McConnell undercuts Boehner or Republican loses political argument on taxes. While senate majority leader steps to the mic. and in essence tells the newly elected house tea party backed members, “This is how it’s done”. Everyone has a stake in keeping the status quo, including so called | Read More »

    The Party ThaT Can’t Say Yes

    The speech that the speaker gave on the floor of the house just before the vote today 7/29/2011, was brilliant. Can the Democrats say yes to anything. Now the pressure should be put on the Senate. Senator Reid can only say in every appearance, that the house bill is dead on arrival. For over 800 days there has been no budget, Reid and speaker Pelosi | Read More »

    Leftism as a communicable disease, George F Will a case study

    In one of his books, Thomas Sowell writes about a people whose culture was rooted in the value of education, (language, science and math) and inventiveness. How these people were the first ones in the new world that banned slavery from their communities, (in Pennsylvania and Brazil). That these people could succumb to the insane ideas of one Adolf Hitler was well worth the study | Read More »

    The lemon aid stand, the canary test of American freedom.

    On Wednesday May 11th, Newt Gingrich announced is run for the Presidency of the United States. It was noted by many that he is probably one of the smartest people in any room that he might be in. That he is full of dozens of ideas on a multitude of subjects and that might be one of his major problems. It is akin to saying | Read More »