Sean Hannity Endorses Wendy Long For Senate

    Last night, more than 700 conservatives gathered in New York and heard Sean Hannity endorse Wendy Long in the New York Republican primary for United States Senate on June 26th. Long will be on Hannity’s radio show today. Why the Republican Party has created a primary against one of the most attractive candidates to come around in a long time is an an open question. | Read More »

    Lessons From Conservative Defeats in France and the UK

    This week end saw British and French conservative candidates go down to embarrassing defeats. In both instances, if the main parties had held on to conservative base voters they would have won by comfortable margins. Smaller, more ideological parties siphoned crucial votes away from Cameron and Sarkozy. In the weeks, before the run-off vote Sarkozy desperately tried to win back conservative voters he had ignored during his term in | Read More »

    After Hearing from Conservative Donors

    American Action Network has ended its campaign in support of  liberal Senator Dick Lugar. But Congressman Eric Cantor’s Young Guns program continues to campaign for Lugar and against conservative Richard Mourdock.  Why Cantor’s group even entered this Senate race is a mystery. But it is spending conservative dollars to demonize Mourdock. Mourdock has earned the support of Steve Forbes, The NRA, The Club For Growth, and the | Read More »

    Why Conservatives and Bob Turner Have Split

    First impressions often linger on forever. When retired businessman Bob Turner defeated a Democrat in the Special election to succeed the disgraced Anthony Weiner, Bob became an instant political celebrity. Bob’s victory showed that Jewish Democrats could be convinced to vote for a Republican candidate under certain circumstances. Leaders of the New York State Conservative Party earned the right to lead in this celebration. In | Read More »

    New York Conservatives Endorse Wendy Long

    Yesterday, 91% of the New York State Conservative State Committee voted to endorse Wendy Long to challenge Democrat Senator Kirstin Gillibrand. A motion to make her the unanimous choice of the convention was adopted. In less than two months Wendy Long has demonstrated she presents a very formidable challenge to the very liberal Gillibrand. Mrs. Long a first time candidate is a natural campaigner. She has visited Republicans | Read More »

    Dems Start Move On Campaign Against Iranian Nukes

    A husband and wife media team, who do not share President Obama’s policy of cutting a deal with Iran’s mullahs have launched a grassroots internet campaign to stop Iran’s nuclear program. Judging from blog entries on their ning site it is evident that thousands who have joined this effort agree with former Vice President Cheney that Obama is dangerously soft in dealing with the | Read More »

    Obamacare Tele-Townhall with Demint and Meese

    Tomorrow evening participate in a tele-townhall with Senator DeMint and former AG Ed Meese. Learn what the state of play is in Congress and how you can help defeat this destructive piece of legislation. Register to be a participant.

    Straight Talk Action Plan From Financial Expert

    McCain should give George Marlin a call, immediately. In today’s New York Post, Marlin clearly and succinctly lays out an action plan for New York to implement in light of the financial meltdown. Marlin brilliantly instructs the politicians who are obviously in over their heads. He wastes no time identifying people to blame, instead he states the problem and tells the politicos they must drastically | Read More »


    21 Liberals and 4 Conservatives

    Did you ever wonder why John McCain is not way ahead of a radical like Barak Obama in a country where a majority of voters describe themselves as right of center? The answer is that McCain keeps slapping conservatives in the face. He knows that on issues like immigration, his partnership with Teddy Kennedy, McCain-Feingold, etc. he has serious problems with his base but instead | Read More »

    Bloomberg’s Outrageous Power Grab

    In recent days there have been several articles about Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to lift New York City’s Term Limits Law. Millions of New Yorkers voted for the Term Limits law, and now Bloomberg who calls himself a term limit supporter who would defend the law has indicated he would support the City Council subverting the law without giving the people a chance to vote. Bloomberg | Read More »