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    I wrote this speech to save the US Senate seat for Terri Lynn Land

      My name is Terri Lynn Land and I am running to represent Michigan in the US Senate. My opponent, backed by a California hedge fund billionaire who is trying to steal the Senate, is running his campaign based on opposition to a Republican billionaire. I want to set out for you what you will get if you elect me to the Senate. Whether your | Read More »

    How to turn the MI Senate Seat red

    Memo to Bobby Schostak and Terry Lynn Land Subject:  Fixing the GOP campaign for Senate seat in Michigan I worked for Mitt Romney’s campaign in Michigan.  Have been asked to help with this year’s campaign to turn the MI seat in US Senate Red.  Please note that I am entirely discouraged with Mary Lynn Land’s efforts to date. Last night, for example, there was a | Read More »

    Use the docu dramas to frame and define Hillary

    Memo to Reince Priebus: Thanks so much for showing some backbone in responding to plans by CNN and MSNBC to produce pro-Hillary docu dramas for showing in months up to the elections. Here is a suggestion:  Use every discussion about those plans to define and frame Mrs. Clinton as the criminal (Whitewater) and coward (Ben Ghazi) that she is. Use every invitation to discuss these | Read More »

    Zimmerman Trial: To Kill a Mockingbird in Reverse

    The trial of George Zimmerman is a modern day reversal of the trial of Tom Robinson. You remember, the Tom Robinson charged in To Kill a Mockingbird with raping a white woman, Mayella Ewell. In the book, gangs of Southern whites demand the lynching of Tom Robinson. In Florida, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and black gangs demand the lynching of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman’s crime was | Read More »

    On Sunday, the rabbi loved Boston

    On Sunday, the rabbi loved Boston. On Monday, he fought against  “Islamophobia”. On Tuesday, two worshippers at the Islamic Center of Boston planned a bombing. On Wednesday, the rabbi fought those who would limit the expansion of mosques and sharia . On Thursday, the FBI director testified that despite warnings from Russia about Muslim extremists in Boston, they had not surveilled the mosque, but had | Read More »

    And the difference between the three women kidnapped in Cleveland and the 500 Coptic Christian women kidnapped in Egypt

    Like the rest of the world, I have been transfixed by the discovery in Cleveland of three young women who were freed this week after a decade in captivity near their homes. As far as I am concerned, the three brothers can be let loose in an Ohio prison, especially one rife with Hispanic gangs.  There they might get a real education in rape, pillage | Read More »

    “I’ve Got Your Back,” Obama Tells Military

    On Tuesday of this week, President Barack H. Obama told members of the American military forces that he’s got their back. Was he speaking about soldiers posted to the most dangerous areas? Benghazi, perhaps. No, forget that. On Tuesday, Obama told reporters that he spoke to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel earlier in the day to reiterate that the administration has “to not just step | Read More »

    A family story about cars and guns, life and death

    I live hundreds of miles from Chicago now.  Tonight I was telling my middle child of life at his grandfather’s car business on that city’s South Side. When I was in high school, Father took the $300 from my bar mitzvah savings, a similar amount from my brothers’ account and the $300 he and Mom had saved, to  open a used car lot on Ashland | Read More »

    Answer to a Liberal Rabbi II

    As the earlier diary entry made clear, the Thanksgiving blog post of my local rabbi posed a number of questions. I took the liberty there and here in answering those questions. Some time has passed and my comments at blogspot remain under moderation. The lack of response has led me to respond to one of his earlier postings: As a Rabbi, I am supposed to | Read More »

    Answers to a Liberal Rabbi’s Blog

    On Thanksgiving morning, the rabbi at my synagogue posed a series of questions on his blog.   Today, I took the liberty of responding  to them there.  Following are his queries and my answers. Why have we, as lovers and supporters of Israel, found it necessary to flood social media like Facebook and Twitter with constant statements of support for Israel? It is truly heartening to | Read More »