Zack Space Thinks You’re A Moron. And If You Vote For Him, He’s Right.

On November 5, 2009, at 4:15 PM, 25 citizens of the 18th Congressional District (AKA OH-18) met with Congressman Zack Space.  How this story eluded my notice, I don’t know .

I love bitching about Space; I find him to be an arrogant little snot, and in the words of some people in the Ohio political scene have called him "the least knowledgeable and least impressive Congressman ever."

According to the Ohio Liberty Council website, members of the Knox County 9/12 Project traveled to Washington DC, to meet with Zack Space for almost an hour.

From their report:

A constituent said that Rep. Space ran his campaign on a conservative platform, yet he wants big government. [...] Rep. Space said that he ran on appeals to a liberal to moderate base when campaigning.  A constituent remarked that the representative’s characterization of himself was not true.  Rep. Space then said he was closer to moderate when campaigning.

Huh.  So, who’s right?  First, Zack Space was elected to the Blue Dog Coalition in 2007.  The sub-headline on the press release from Space’s office clearly states that his "fiscal conservative credentials" were the reason he was allowed to join the coalition.

On August 2, 2006 , ZackSpace.Org writer Michael Clarke wrote:

"Bob Ney has become a genuine Washington insider — jetting off on lavish golf and gambling trips with lobbyists while families in the 18th district struggle to make ends meet. His starring role in the culture of corruption comes at a high cost for working families. Big companies are getting tax breaks to send jobs overseas, families can’t afford good health insurance, and gas prices continue to rise," said Zack Space. "Bob Ney talks a good game about fiscal discipline, but the numbers don’t lie. At a time when working families are being forced to do more with less, Bob Ney needs to learn that government must do the same.

Smaller, more efficient government?  Ending the "culture of corruption"?  Keeping energy prices low for working families?  Those really sound like conservative-ish campaign points.  I doubt I’d hear a liberal saying that gas prices need to be lower.  I doubt I’d hear a liberal saying that the government’s budget needs to "do more with less."

The Knox County constituents mentioned to Space that the Constitution was very important, to which Space actually admitted that he "didn’t have a great knowledge or understanding of the Constitution" and that he did not "believe he needed such knowledge to do his job."

You don’t need to understand how America works, in order to help make its rules?  Only in Obamerica.

Someone remarked that Space had to take an oath to uphold the Constitution when he took office.  Apparently, Space had no response to this.

I don’t blame him, I’m pretty dumbstruck myself.

On the issue of health care "reform", Space remarked that people who criticized government spending increases and the accompanying tax increases "just don’t want to pay taxes."  Yes.  That’s the reason.  IDIOT!

Space slipped up and told the truth, by admitting that illegal immigrants would receive health care benefits through the government-run public-option, something that he himself said was a dealbreaker for any healthcare plan.  Zack Space voted "no" on a bill that would have prevented illegal immigrants from receiving Medicaid benefits.

One of Space’s biggest financial supporters is a man named George Soros.  According to DiscoverTheNetworks , Soros is a leftwing billionaire who supports radical left-wing causes across the world.  In 2004, Soros claimed that America needed "a regime change," and that preventing Bush from getting re-elected "the central focus of my life … a matter of life and death."  Soros doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as terrorism, calling it an "abstraction."  It goes on and on, read the DiscoverTheNetworks article for the full deal.

Space, feigning ignorance, claimed that he "didn’t know and hadn’t heard of George Soros."  Yeah, right.  Space is an idiot, a liar, a lying idiot, or an idiotic liar.

Hopefully the news about how Zack Space feels about the people he serves will get out.  Hopefully.

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