Jihadis In the Strickland Administration?

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It’s not every day that Ohio shows up in the national news.

It’s even rarer when Ohio shows up in the news for anti-Semitism.

It’s even rarer than that when anti-Semitic, pro-holy war Ohio government officials show up in the news.

How rare is that?

Not very rare, apparently.

Testifying on Thursday, before a House Homeland Security Subcommittee, the Multicultural Affairs Director for the Ohio Department of Public Affairs, Omar Al-Omari’s lectured on how government law enforcement organizations can “[work] with Communities to Disrupt Terrorist Plots.” However, is Al-omari an expert on Islamic jihad?

Yes, but not in the way you’d think.

In 2008, Al-Omari (pictured at left) published—through the state Department of Public Safety—a pamphlet that claimed that terrorists attacked American targets because of, and I quote, “Israeli occupation and loss of [Palestinian] homeland [...] cruelty in Iraq”, as well as because “Israel can get away with everything from occupation to killing civilians to demolishing houses”.

According to Al-Omari, terrorists blow themselves up and crash airplanes full of civilians into buildings full of civilians because of “the aftermath of colonial experience” and the “pressure of imitating advanced countries.”

Aw, the poor widdle babies. It’s just too hard to maintain a basic level of civilization, and not lop off the head of people who disagree with you.

In 2006, Al-Omari’s first terrorist-sympathizing pamphlet was a 40 page-long “Culture Guide,” in which he wrote that jihad was nothing more than “the benign pursuit of personal betterment.”

The sympathizing part of “terrorist-sympathizing” comes in when he writes that jihad “may be applied to physical conflict for Muslims, but only in the arena of Muslims defending themselves when attacked or when attempting to overthrow oppression and occupation.”

However, he spins in the opposite direction, too. After writing that Muslims are allowed to blow up truckers and crash airplanes into buildings if they feel that they’re being threatened, Al-Omari assures us that us Anglos just made up the concept that a religious jihad is a holy war.

Ah, glad we cleared that one up.

As if the fact Governor Ted Strickland hired a rabidly pro-Caliphate loon wasn’t bad enough, Al-Omari is directly linked to the delivery of apostate Rifqa Bary back into the hands of her extremist parents, who both attended a mosque established by local Islamic nutball Salah Sultan.

Not only does Strickland have a jihadi in his regime, this jihadi got to testify before Congress with other jihadis. As blogger “Barbarossa” at The Jawa Report quips:

…having Omar Al-Omari speaking on preventing terrorism is a bit like asking Emperor Nero to speak on fire prevention. Not only is Ohio one of the most active areas of jihadist and terrorist efforts in the country, but Columbus, where Alomari lives and does most of his work, has been the home of the largest known Al-Qaeda cell since the 9/11 attacks and is the focus of an ongoing FBI investigation into radicalization and terrorist recruitment by the Somali terror organization, Al-Shabaab.

If disrupting terrorist plots is the aim of Congress (yes, an item still subject to debate), then from an empirical perspective Omar Al-Omari and his colleagues at Ohio Homeland Security are doing a seriously sh**ty job.

Bam.  Donezo.

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