You’re a Feminist, and I Think That’s Cute, But…

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Every school year needs one final silly nontroversy to cap it off, as a final reminder to the rest of the world "hey guys, we’re liberal college students, we’re bored, let’s have a protest rally!"

Here at Ohio University, hyperfeminists chose to start off Silly Season with a real wall-banger: comparing a magazine’s photoshoot to the Holocaust.  Um.

Enter OU hyperfeminist Bethany Francis.  Francis is a theater production major, and apparently, a giant whackadoodle.  When Francis picked up the Spring issue of Backdrop Magazine , she saw the coming of the Fourth Reich in the student-run pop-culture magazine.  Why?

Because the magazine’s spring fashion shoot didn’t include, in her estimation, the proper quota of non-blonde girls.

Francis, in her inchoate rage, got her hyperfeminista friends together, and they started what they called "Backlash Magazine, " a protest movement that alleged that the cover model, a slim blonde dressed in skimpy swimwear, was the puppet of the Nazi patriarchy.  Or something.

Francis’ movement goes on to allege that said skimpy blonde is an extension of Backdrop ‘s quest to enforce the fashionistas’ belief that "the Aryan Race is in and people of different color… are OUT."

Hey moron.  10 million Jews, Romani, and homosexuals called using a phone booth .  They want their moral outrage and Nazi analogies back!

I shouldn’t be too upset with this Silly Season event, though.

Because we all know that feminists are cute when they’re angry, and because they don’t always think things through before they start talking about how things oppress them, I’ve prepared a simple diagram to illustrate what IS or WAS advancing the belief of the Aryan Master Race, and what is NOT doing that.

As you can see, a bored-looking blond girl in tropical-ish swimwear… is NOT a Nazi.  Calling her inclusion in a photo shoot the vanguard of "the Aryan Race" and talking about how she is oppressing you is NOT an appropriate use of rhetoric.

However, as you can also see, Adolf Hitler IS a Nazi.  Calling him the vanguard of "the Aryan Race" and talking about how he is oppressing you IS an appropriate use of rhetoric.

Francis and her hyperfeministas bullied Backdrop into issuing an apology for… what, I don’t know, they did not do anything wrong. Editor-in-chief Annie Beecham apologized for the cover of the magazine not "[reflecting] the diversity of a college campus within the pages of the magazine," even though she did note that:

"the selection of models of a very similar appearance was not intentional, nor were the women typecast to fit a predetermined look. We selected the models after hosting an open audition that encouraged both men and women to take part. The open audition had a low turnout, though about half of the participants were male."

In other words, "I’m sorry you got butthurt about there not being enough homosexual midget Filapinos in our magazine to assure you that we’re not racists, but it’s not our fault that the people who showed up in the first place weren’t homosexual midget Filapinos.  Please extinguish your effigies of me, it’s not my fault!"

However, Francis’s Fightin’ Feminists were not calmed when they got their way.  25 people who felt strongly enough about stickin’ it to the Stupid Sexy Nazi Patriarchy paraded down the main street in their skivvies, chanting "Media it is your duty to embrace all types of beauty" and other inanities.

While all this is all well and good, and keeps liberal idiots like Francis occupied while the grown-ups talk about the real issues, the fact remains that unless you’re being thrown into ovens and sprayed with poison gas en masse , making Nazi analogies is not appropriate, no matter how worthy your cause.

If you ask me—and most reasonable people would agree—Backdrop ‘s photo shoot was not misogynistic, a tool of the Evil Nazi Patriarchy, or anything else.  Gender studies is up there with underwater basket-weaving, African-American studies , and philosophy in terms of "relevance to reality."

Also, just as "advocates" such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or OU’s own Aisha Upton aren’t truly trying to help anyone except themselves and their endless RAAAAAAAAAGE, feminists such as Andrea Dworken, Marylin French, or OU’s own Bethany Francis aren’t really upset about the plight of the women in 2010, they’re just in it for the attention and the glory.

Unfortunately, there’s many heads full of mush at a liberal campus that fall for the weasel words, and really do believe that fashion shoots are the Tool of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Devil.

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