Eco-Terrorism: Because Recycling Is for Sissies

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Two weeks ago, Los Angeles was attacked by terrorists.

By “Los Angeles,” I mean “the University of California-Los Angeles,” and by “terrorists”… well, no, that one was correct.

UCLA neurology professor David Jentsch, who studies the chemistry of addiction, as well as Jentsch’s colleagues, received a box full of bloody razor blades, which tested positive as being infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Who sent Jentsch these lovely presents? Terrorists. Or more specifically, progressive eco-terrorists.

Included with the HIV-blades was a note communicating the Left’s love for science, with messages such as “how would Jentsch like the same thing he does to primates to be done to him? That would be justice. STOP YOUR SICK EXPERIMENTS OR HELL AWAITS YOU,” and “Confining primates to puny filthy cages then removing them to give them their fix of PCP when primates would not get addicted if it weren’t for Frankenstein’s [sic] like Jentsch.”

Jentsch’s research uses vervet monkeys to study the biochemical reactions that cause humans teenagers to become addicted to tobacco and methamphetamine, and is being funded by the National Institute of Health.

UCLA, as well as Jentsch himself, has been the target of eco-terrorist attacks since 2006, including firebombings, vandalism, criminal damage, and sabotage. In 2009, members of the eco-terror group called Animal Liberation Front visited Jenstch’s personal residence, setting fire to his car.

An eco-terrorist franchise of the Animal Liberation Front, the “UCLA Justice Department,” took credit for their attempted bioterror attack against UCLA, writing that, since Jentsch and his colleagues “wouldn’t listen to more polite pleadings to stop [their] heinous treatment of innocent primates, we […] some rusty razor blades tainted with AIDS-infected blood. The message is clear—PRIMATE VIVISECTION MUST BE STOPPED!”

In other words, “you didn’t stop advancing science, have some AIDS!”

These people seem perfectly rational to me. Yep.

Before you think that the Animal Liberation Front is a small band of malcontents, recall that their sister group, the Earth Liberation Front has been on a tower-toppling tirade in upper Ecotopia—I mean, Washington State, claiming to be on a mission of mercy to save us from the “health and environmental risks associated with radio waves.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers the double threat of ALF and ELF “America’s top domestic terror group.”

Ironically, the founder of the public-friendly front group for ALF and ELF—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Ingrid Newkirk—has stated that PETA (and by extension, ALF and ELF) would be opposed to using animal research to find a cure for the disease that the militant wings of PETA tried to infect researchers with.

Newkirk has also cryptically stated that “no movement for social change has ever succeeded without ‘the militarism component.’”

PETA’s financial and logistical ties to ALF and ELF are well-documented, revealing a trail of donating to the defense funds of domestic terrorists such as Rod Coronado. Coronado was convicted of arson, in connection with a string of attacks on agricultural research facilities and fur farms in 1995, code-named “Operation Bite Back.” “Bite Back” culminated in a firebombing of Michigan State University research facilities.

After Coronado’s arrest by investigators, packages full of evidence from his nighttime raids were intercepted by Federal Express, addressed to Newkirk, from Coronado. In Coronado’s sentencing memo, the federal prosecutor writes: “significantly, Newkirk had arranged to have the package delivered to her days before the MSU arson.”

The founder of PETA, who has said that “thinkers may prepare revolutions, but bandits must carry them out,” knew about Operation Bite Back, and assisted Coronado. In other words, PETA assisted ALF with multiple domestic terrorist attacks during the 1990s, and possibly to this day. Truly, PETA slums with the bandits, while presenting itself as the thinker.

In order to overcome the bad karma of standing athwart the advancement of human science and yelling “fur is murder,” I humbly suggest that the “UCLA Justice Department” adopt a humorous tagline to use with their press releases—if only to liven up their death threats and predictions of ecotopian Untergangsstimmung.

My suggestion, free of charge?

“Eco-terrorism: Because recycling is for sissies.”

Jesse Hathaway survived the progressive re-education camps of Ohio University and the People’s Republik of Athens, and now lives and blogs in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC. Follow him on Teh Twitter, and become part of his Right Turns Only posse.

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