A message of thanks and appreciation to everyone here at Redstate.

    For many years, I have felt quite disillusioned with the political process. During this election season,  I have felt betrayed by so many so called conservatives in the media and on radio who have revealed themselves to be nothing more than the finest snake oil salesmen. For many years, Fox News and Drudge were constants in terms of how I kept up with political news. | Read More »

    George Soros and his surrogates have given Kasich over $700,000

    Here is a link verifying the claim and also several links from different sources reporting on it   This needs to be spread and word gotten out.  

    If you believe in conservative principles, how can you support Trump?

    Right now, Trump’s message is basically elect me and I will get along with everybody in Washington while at the same time saying that Ted Cruz is the most hated man in Washington and will get along with nobody. How can people say they want an outsider and yet support someone who is saying in the open that they will be a insider as soon | Read More »

    We just really need to hope and pray that the right person gets in office 2016

    Obama and his side have gotten a lot done in terms of their agenda. We need a conservative minded person to get in and do the same thing with a conservative agenda. I think everything that’s happening right now is going to open the door for an un-orthodox nominee for the Republican Party ( in other words, not a candidate that the establishment of the | Read More »

    An ad that could shake the election.

    If you follow politics, the video below should be very familiar. Using the video and the information from the debt clock site I came up with an idea. Romney should run an an ad where he speaks straight into the camera and say as follows: “The problem is the way Obama has done it over the last 4 years is to take out a | Read More »

    What if implementation of Romneycare is doing to Mitt Romney what voting in favor of The War in Iraq did to Hillary Clinton?

    Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney (A Tale of so called inevitability) Before 2008 many people thought that it was inevitable Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat nominee for president. Before 2012 many people thought that it was inevitable that Romney would be the Republican nominee for president. What made impossible to close the gap for Hillary Clinton.? Well, if you remember back in 2008, The | Read More »

    The Supreme Court is a huge issue for me and we can’t afford to have Obama appoint 1-4 more Supreme Court Justices.

    I prefer Gingrich or Perry over Romney. But if Romney gets the nomination I will support him as my parties nominee. The Supreme Court is a huge issue for me and we can’t afford to have Obama appoint 1-4 more Supreme Court Justices. You may not like Romney and I don’t either but will you let the balance of the Supreme Court be jeopardized if | Read More »

    How the Gin”Grinch” stole Romney’s Christmas!

    Who could have guessed a couple months ago that Newt Gingrich would surge in the polls past Mitt Romney. Well, I didn’t. I will be the first to admit that I was dismissive of Gingrich a few months ago but the more and more I look at it, Gingrich seems to be the only one capable of debating Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and tearing | Read More »

    Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one who thinks Gingrich would totally decimate President Obama in a debate better than anyone on that stage tonight? Am I the only one who thinks Gingrich can articulate his positions betters than anyone else on that stage? Am I the only one who Gingrich is the only candidate who has been able to stay on message and keep the focus | Read More »

    Will you settle for less?

    That’s what’s the 2012 election is coming down to more and more for me. All of this electability hogwash means nothing to me. All that matters to me is putting up some who will best contrast with President Obama. My preference of who I desire will come from that. So when I look at the field, I see Mitt Romney as the person who I | Read More »