791 days is how long it has been without a budget being introduced by the democrats.  I think we need to turn this into an opportunity to hammer home a pivotal point and that is that the democrats lack leadership.

The Republicans need to turn the 791 days without a budget into a daily reminder.

For example, tomorrow will be 792 days without a budget.


Hillary v. Trump: Round One

Leon H. Wolf

We should be pounding it into people’s heads and be counting the days  just like the Iran hostage crisis.

The democrats in the senate all voted Obama’s so called budget down so they could simply attack Paul Ryan’s plan.  That’s not leadership.

We need to spread this message. It’s a winning message that can bring the democrats down.

“791 days since a budget has been passed by the democrats. I'm atlasshrugs. Good night and good luck."