I am sorry if this comes across as a rant, but I am sick and tired... I am sick and tired of political establishments hacks like Karl Rove going  after people like Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann as "to extreme."
I am fed up with people going on the internet and making posts everyday at sites like this bashing other republicans because they have no argument in favor of their preferred candidate ( yes I am talking about people like [candidate's name]4prez .)

This has to stop! You didn’t hear any democrats say Obama’s views were toxic or Obama was to extreme when he ran for President. But you have people on the Republican side that will gladly attack other Republicans as “too extreme”. Every time you have someone like Karl Rove attack Rick Perry’s views on certain issues as “toxic,” that only helps the democrats going into the next election. Right now the Republican establishment is all goody tooshoo with their man Mitt.  The republican establishment is all goody tooshoo with Mitt and so are some people on this site and others.

People like Karl Rove and [candidate's name]4prez are making fools of themselves in trying to push forward their candidate. All Rove and [candidate's name]4prez) are engaging in is “attack, attack, attack,” any candidate but their preferred candidate. They offer no reason why we should vote for their preferred candidate, but rather why we should not support other candidates.

Karl Rove and [candidate's name]4prez are doing the same thing  leading up to the primaries as President Obama will in the general election. All Rove and [candidate's name]4prez are saying is that Perry or Bachmann would be worse than Romney. They are not saying why Romney would be better than Perry or Bachmann. In the 2012 election, all President Obama is going to say is that "here's why you should not vote for Perry or Bachmann. " The reason President Obama will say this is because he does not have a better argument. There won't be a reason for voters to vote for him so he'll say here's why you should not vote for the other guy.  Rove and  [candidate's name]4prez are doing the same thing.