That’s what’s the 2012 election is coming down to more and more for me.
All of this electability hogwash means nothing to me. All that matters to me is putting up some who will best contrast with President Obama. My preference of who I desire will come from that.

So when I look at the field, I see Mitt Romney as the person who I think has the least contrast to President Obama. Romney is the ultimate "settle for less" candidate.

When I look at Herman Cain I see someone who I think has perhaps the greatest contrast to President Obama.

Now, this is not an endorsement of Cain on my part, but it highlights what I think most conservative voters are taking into account going into the primaries and the general election.

Right now I am leading towards Gingrich or Perry. I think Gingrich's personal baggage is far less damaging than President Obama's political baggage. Gingrich would tear Mitt Romney up in a debate as well as President Obama. Perry would go the length with Romney and have a strong jobs message against President Obama.
Your thoughts?