Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney (A Tale of so called inevitability)

Before 2008 many people thought that it was inevitable Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat nominee for president.

Before 2012 many people thought that it was inevitable that Romney would be the Republican nominee for president.

What made impossible to close the gap for Hillary Clinton.?

Well, if you remember back in 2008, The War in Iraq was a major issue. Then Senator Obama was constantly chiding then Senator Clinton for her decision to vote in favor of going to war in Iraq. The war was deeply unpopular with the base of the Democrat party.

Looking back, I contend that that is what ultimately led to Hillary’s downfall.

Hillary supporters claimed that Hillary Clinton was the most electable candidate and that she had the best presidential organization to compete nationally. But, despite the advantages Hillary was not able to close the gap because of this major issue.

What is making it so hard for Romney to close the gap?

In 2010, the Republicans handed President Obama a shellacking. One of the major reasons if not the biggest reasons was that President Obama had jammed Obamacare down the American peoples throat. Today, Obamacare is deeply unpopular with American people and especially with conservative minded individuals.

Today, many conservatives are chiding Mitt Romney who when Governor of Massachusetts put into place Romneycare.

What if implementation of Romneycare is doing to Romney what voting in favor of The War in Iraq did to Hillary Clinton?

Those who support Mitt Romney claim that he is the most electable and has the best presidential organization to compete nationally.

What if the same thing is happening to Romney that happened to Hillary despite their so called advantages?

Can Romney close the gap or will he be the Hillary Clinton of this election cycle?

We shall see!