How about conservatives pull the lever for Alison Grimes in response to the 100 Kansas Republican Cry Babies Endorsing a Democrat for Governor

If the Republican establishment wants to pull this sort of crap to purge members of the tea party out of office then why the hell shouldn’t conservatives does something such pull the lever for Alison Grimes in November to purge a member of the establishment out of office? If conservatives do not coalesce to bring the establishment down we are going to be deeply disappointed come November because if Mitch McConnell becomes majority leader, nothing is really going to change. At the time I’m writing this post the Republicans are projected to have 52 seats in the Senate after November according to real clear politics. So, how about the Tea Party’s ultimate payback is to endorse a Democrat? If the Republicans have 51 or 52 seats,what difference would it make in the ultimate scheme of things.




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