Lets Slash and Burn the Federal Budget and Give Power back to the States!

Viva the 10th amendment!!!

We have had decades to see that the Federal Gov’t spends Billions on things best left to the States:

Dept of Education doesn’t educate….$46 Billion
Dept of Energy doesn’t produce energy….$26.3 Billion
HUD doesn’t produce housing or urban development….$47.5 Billion
Commerce doesn’t produce commerce….$13 Billion
Transportation doesn’t produce transportation….$72.5 Billion
Labor doesn’t produce labor…$13.3 Billion
EPA doesn’t protect the environment….$10.5 Billion
Interior closes off the interior to development…$12 Billion
Corp for Nat’l Service doesn’t provide service….$1.1 Billion
Dept of HHS doesn’t provide health care….$78.7 Billion….

There…that is over $320 Billion we can cut!!! Let’s let the States decide!

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