Small-Town America: Our Last Hope?

Delphos, Ohio was founded in the mid-19th century by a German Catholic priest, and boasts a large number of Catholics descended from German immigrants.   Other religions have their churches there also, but the skyline is dominated – much like medieval cities during an era of faith – by the Catholic church of the parish of Saint John the Evangelist.

Recently a young sailor named John Bemis, originally from this parish,  died in San Diego where he was stationed, and his funeral was to be held at Saint John’s.  A supposedly Baptist church from Kansas threatened to hold a protest in Delphos: the group believes America is being punished directly by Divinity for tolerating homosexuality.





Fortunately the word spread throughout Delphos, whose population is just below 7,000.  To block any such desecration of the sailor’s funeral, 700 people ringed the church, 10% of the population!



The Westboro group never showed up!

Delphos has lost population in the last 30 years, like many small towns.  Factories have shut down and their buildings have been bulldozed.  One of the growth “industries” right now is nursing homes.

Despite these changes, Delphos survives, and its people remain the type who refuse government assistance, who organize things on their own, and who come together to help each other.  We know that this has become “typical” of “small-town America,” and people debate how much of this spirit survives in the “anonymous” big cities, especially those with leftist voters, who might prefer to do nothing about a problem until a government bureaucrat shows up…even if the bureaucrat never shows up.

If Conservative America must shrug after November, possibly outnumbered by the class-warrior government leeches, the wealthy-but-guilt-ridden leftist  suburbanites, the idle poor, and the fatally foolish, then such places as Delphos would be the area to gather and to re-group for the future.

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