The plan. pt 1

Okay, so tonight I start laying out the plan. Here goes.


1st: Prerequisites. Rational mind; consistent and systematic mindset, q.v. my earlier post, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.



So now, to the guts of the plan.


We need to mirror the Soros-Nutroot complex.


A very effective strategy in general, to confound an opponent, is to mirror their tactics.


They don’t expect us to be as cutthroat or cunning as they have been. I argue we can be and even more so.


Of course, we are constrained by the rule of law, but we can do a LOT within those constraints.


That’s why I said in my original post I cannot take credit for the overall plan, although I have some decent ideas of my own which are integral.


So here goes.


Step 1. Go on a massive discredit campaign.


They did it to Bush. They’re doing it to Palin. Trent Lott. Cheney. And on and on and on…


This has already begun for Obama; it started with Rush (‘I hope he fails’) and the new Media, and now it is spreading. But many are still separating Obama himself from his policies. We have to remedy this. And the same for Pelosi and Reid.


We have to link Obama as a person with his policies. And we already have the material to do so. We should revisit his associations. Now that he is showing the world what a radical he is, people are much more ready to hear it. We have to crystallize it into a few words, and include these soundbites in every analysis of his policies that we do. These soundbites have to become part of the political vocabulary of everyday folk. By implementing it thru websites, blogs, youtube videos, etc. we can do this.


We have to move from this aversion to personal attacks. If the person invites the attacks, they’re okay.


And the way you deflect criticism of using personal attacks, is to use them sparingly and to say ‘it’s not an attack, it’s true.’ And then give the reason its true.( See # 2, ‘as credibility erodes, link the person and the policy’)


They did with Bush. ‘The failed Bush administration’ and the like.

‘The last eight years’. ‘Bush lied, people died.’ ‘The Bush tax cuts.’


And on and on.


So we have to do the same. You guys are smarter than me and can come up with better ones. But don’t be egotistical about it. When you see someone else has a better one, use it and spread it. Let the best become the common ones.


Step 2. As credibility erodes, link it to their policies.


Again, they did it to Bush. Think of the War on Terror. Or Waterboarding.


Step 3. Keep it up til election season. Nominate electable candidates to districts normally not yours.


They ran ‘blue dogs’ in our districts. We need to find moderate fiscal conservatives to run in theirs. People who understand from the beginning that their political survival depends on us, and who will do our will.


Step 4. Take over the organs of election.


Consider Soros’s Secretary of State program. He’s doing it to steal elections. We’ll do it to protect them.


Step 5. Win the elections.


They had the media in their pocket. Lots of Soros’s dirty money. Astroturfing.


So we deal with the media, put up lots of small donations from patriots across the fruited plain and genuine grassroots organization.


(The Scott Brown model of organization may be the best I have yet seen for our purposes. He had volunteers from all over the country calling, and he raised money at just the right times.)


This requires softening the media up beforehand (will be addressed soon in a separate article), organizing and funding candidates. Also, running hard-hitting ads.


Step 6. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. After we win, we hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire.


This is why I get so frustrated when I hear people say we can’t rely on our own officials to repeal entitlements, or cut government or protect the Constitution. This shouldn’t be an issue.


Think about it. We put a ton of pressure on the Democrats and we’re not their constituents. And yet look how much we’ve managed to slow down their agenda.


Many are saying now, there is not a dime’s difference between the two parties. I don’t buy that. And I think the single greatest difference is that the Republicans, given enough pressure, will bow to the will of their constituents, q.v. the last attempt at amnesty, the ports deal, even Social Security Reform.


Because of this, I believe if we put just half the pressure on the Republicans to do our will, that we put on the Dems this year, we’d get what we want out of them.


And when they do our bidding, we reward them with calls, faxes and letters of support and thanks. I wonder how many people are doing that right now? It is not enough to yell at them when they’re wrong; we must also thank them and show appreciation when they’re right. It makes it easier for them to do what they should.


 And so it must be. What we want, more than anything else, is a STRONG interpretation of the 10th amendment and a major downsizing of government.


Step 7. Begin dismantling progressive nonsense at the state level.


Infiltrate BESE boards, influence textbooks (in key areas), deal with colleges (after all, you’re paying the tuition for those kids of yours),

Neuter state unions.



Now, this was laid out in a very general way.


There are many tactical considerations, which I have thought out, which would make the implementation of these possible. And many of these are proven, because they have been borrowed from successful movements of the past (e.g., Soros, the nutroots, etc) and certain worthy individuals.


For instance,


How to deal with the media.  

Why entitlement repeal is realistic.

How to make conservatives out of minorities.

How to neutralize liberal talking points in the public sphere.

How to take their power to buy votes with our tax dollars.

How to disinfect American education, once and for all.

The monopoly of power of the Fed gov and the Founders’ view. The solution.

Tools and tactics.



These will be laid out in the coming weeks. At the end, I will edit and clarify it and put together a free pdf file for my readers.



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