Updated criteria for President candidate.

      Updated criteria from my side And rank-order: Leadership skills Heart Toughness The details: Pro-life No professional degree. Fit&Healthy Age 45-55 Order within private life. I know none of us are perfect, but this one better be! Whoever is picked for 2016 better win, No matter WHO stands on the other side. This will be a quintessential slug-fest and probably THE election EVER. This is | Read More »

    Next presidential candidate

    Time is running out to be able to pick freely and widely among all the unpolished stones to choose from. A strong candidate is needed who not only is exceptional, but also can win over a broader coalition and forge own paths when needed. Hesitation here will not end very well. Here are some of the things I will be looking for. *Age of 45-65: | Read More »

    Soccer, I mean Futbol, now FOOTBALL!!

      Full disclosure, I am about as football (soccer) crazy as you can get. I follow at least 15 different national leagues, have watched every WC game and even the old ones. I am also a Sounder fan of new. My roots are deeply embedded into the heart of Northern European football. To say it short, I die and breathe the beautiful game. Now, to | Read More »

    Time for unity!!

      If anything but a strong and cohesive candidate is built&developed in good time, at least by early 2016, I think the democrat apparatus will definitely capitalize upon thais in a major way. Ads floating our internal strife, fraught with the worst examples one can find, along with war on women, racism and “tea Party”, may even be enough for the dems to put us | Read More »

    Medvedev “congratulates” his t…, I mean Obama

    ** Biden said Obama would be tested within 6 months, what about 6 hours? The Russian (official) declaration of intention to station missiles close to the Polish border was expected, especially with an Obama victory, but the speed and timing of their official decreet is nothing but statesmanship of highest level.