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    What the heck’s up with Sarah Palin?

    (Be sure to read through the end, as I have the inside scoop on her plans for 2012) Having studied Sarah Palin now for just shy of 4 years, I have noticed a recurring trend that is now playing a big role in her 2012 campaign/non-campaign.  The trend is that she has this awful habit, dangerous in politicians, of meaning what she says and saying | Read More »

    The last word on the Palin emails…from Jon Stewart!

    I must admit, I was nervous about the Palin email release last Friday (brilliant move by Parnell to release them on a Friday, BTW!). Not that I thought she had done anything wrong or that there would be anything really bad in them. But as mbecker had predicted, I expected a slow drip, drip, drip of moderately negative releases that would chisel away at what | Read More »

    A message to fans of Sarah Palin

    This is not a diary to spark debate over Sarah Palin and her qualifications to run for president.  I’m not even looking for a discussion.  This is strictly an advocacy diary.  And I think this message is a good one irrespective of whether Palin runs in 2012, or later, or never runs for public office again. I posted the message below as a note on | Read More »

    ‘Should I Follow My Head or Follow My Heart’ – or azaeroprof inches towards a major announcement

    “A vicious decision is driving me mad.” -Kevin Cronin OK.  First thing: I am fully aware that I am not a big enough player on RedState for any announcement of mine to seem major. But I have been one of the more consistent Sarah Palin supporters over the last couple years, and even earned a reputation among some here (especially her detractors) as one of | Read More »

    Blaspheming the Gipper, the death of Time magazine, and fun with a shredder.

    I wanted to write this diary a couple hours ago, but I had to wait until I finished cleaning the vomit off my keyboard. I had just finished breakfast when I saw this disgusting picture on a Facebook post: Ronald Reagan spent his entire political life fighting Communism. He dedicated much of his Presidency to winning the Cold War. He had the guts to call | Read More »

    FINALS – Alternative 2012 RedState poll

    Based on the results of Round 1 and Round 2 of the alternative 2012 poll I started before Christmas, I submit to you the Final 4 Round. The top 4 vote-getters in the ‘Elite 8′ Round are shown below. For the Finals, the rules will be slightly different. Here they are: 1. Post your votes publicly as comments to this diary (this will limit it | Read More »

    ROUND 2 – Alternative 2012 RedState Poll – ‘The Elite 8′

    Based on the results of the alternative 2012 poll I posted on Monday and tallied this evening, I submit to you Round 2. The top 8 vote-getters in the original poll were pretty clear, so let’s do a runoff using the same rules as before. For your reference, here they are: 1. Post your votes publicly as comments to this diary (this will limit it | Read More »


    Alternative RedState 2012 Preference Poll

    The engineer in me can’t stand it anymore! I love Erick’s front-page 2012 polls, and I encourage you to continue to participate. But there seem to be a number of comments about folks coming from other sites to sway the poll, as well as comments about “missing” candidates. So I’m posting this as an open thread for a different kind of poll. Here are my | Read More »


    A Tale of Two Palins

    Before I get to the main point of this diary, let me say what it is not. This is not intended to be a discussion of Sarah Palin’s qualifications for the presidency, experiential or otherwise.  I will leave this to future diarists to discuss.  JSobieski has promised to post to this effect in a comment to JadedByPolitics’ recent Palin missive (now at 350+ comments and | Read More »

    2012 GOP Presidential Power Rankings, FoxSports-style

    (I tried this before the primaries with no success. So now that the 2010 election is over, let’s try an updated version!) Any of you sports fans have certainly seen the Power Rankings for MLB, NCAA football, and other sports at the FoxSports site (among others). The NBA even has their own. So I thought it might be fun to start posting a 2012 GOP | Read More »