a few notes to myself (Closed)

    [Editor’s note: this is a great example of low intensity trolling.] a conservative friend, mourning Romney, accuses me of betraying my own principles. “You’re basically a conservative! 5 years ago you could have written for RedState!” Ironically, I joined Redstate waaay farther back than that (on board since v1.0, basically) and used to jawbone about buried WMDs with the Old Guard. I never managed to | Read More »

    a Muslim American meets Paul Ryan

    Last week, I met Paul Ryan at an apple farm. My conversation with him was pretty brief: I was wearing my traditional topi headcap and I have a fair amount of beard on me, so it was rather obvious that I was Muslim. Ryan was shaking hands and taking photos with people, and ahead of me were three college-age girls who chattered excitedly about him. | Read More »

    SCOTUS confirmation kabuki reform: a simple suggestion

    The SCOTUS drama is playing out as usual and completely as expected – which is all the more ironic given that the nominee is the one who best made the argument about SCOTUS confirmations being more about drama than substance. With Elena Kagan essentially a cipher as far as her ideology goes (which is also a survival mechanism essential to surviving said kabuki drama), the | Read More »

    testing the tires

    Well, seeing as how I manage my own WPMU install at Talk Islam, I must say I approve of the switch in principle. Still, losing all my user history, comments, posts, diaries, etc seems a pretty stiff price to have paid. I guess I should be thankful that my username was preserved, at least.  Neil or whoever else is doing the needful around here – | Read More »