Fini, no mas, goodbye.

    On September 18th I wrote the following: We have seven weeks to push back against evil and prolong our republic’s existence a while longer.  Seven weeks. Seven weeks from tonight

    If Romney Wins & If Romney Loses

    WARNING: The following looks at various possible scenarios but these are NOT predictions. This past Sunday I finished reading Sean Trende’s book The Lost Majority. Its a good read though

    Discussion of Polls and an Election Prediction

    This has been a gut wrenching cycle. I’ve followed presidential elections since I was old enough to understand what they were and this one has been painful squared. It was

    “Heckuva job, Barry”

    According to the Democrats and their eager enablers in the media, George W. Bush and his administration were both incompetent and indifferent when the after affects of hurricane Katrina flooded

    Obama Is Going Down Clever and unrelenting push-back against the Obamedia pretense that Obama is cool while Romney is a bumbling square, is the major reason that line of attack is not working

    Romney at 50% & up 2 in Ohio

    This will leave a mark. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Ohio Voters shows Romney with 50% support to President Obama’s 48%. One percent (1%) likes some other

    The October surprise is Sandy.

    I’m not seeing much discussion on how Hurricane Sandy will effect the election but effect it she almost certainly will. The maximum damage will be inflicted from early Monday through

    Bill joins Hillary under the bus & Mark Warner on “Virginia’s Military Might”

    In a lengthy piece in the NY Times Matt Bai today shoved Bill Clinton toward the front axle of Bus Obama. According to Bai, the Obama Campaign altered their strategy

    Romney Seals The Deal

    Tonight Mitt Romney did what I hoped he would by adopting a big picture strategy and staying away from tactical cheap shots.  As important as foreign policy is, it will

    Somewhere between Gallup and Nate Silver.

    The title tells you where I think this race is 18 days from election day. Razor close and dependent on GOTV. Over the past several days Gallup has moved out

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