Who am I? Why am I here?

I have always thought I’d be the last person to utter the lines made infamous by Admiral James Stockdale, but of late I feel more and more like I’ve gone through a wormhole and popped out in an alternate universe.

It now appears that the mess in Libya and Egypt is Mitt Romney’s fault. This is startling information I realize but facts are facts. Even though Democrats routinely criticized every move made by George W. Bush regarding Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc, it is clear that the dominate media in this nation will not allow any such commentary from Mitt Romney regarding the blunders of Barack Obama.

This evening I caught a few minutes of NBC Nightly News with Brain Williams. He began his report on the “political implications” by saying (this is a paraphrase but very close to verbatim)  “Mitt Romney somehow wanted this to be about an apology when in fact it is about an ambassador losing his life”.

Even this cynic was shocked by the boldness of Williams’ obvious contempt for Romney and lack of any pretense of being a non-partisan conveyor of news.

In recent days I’ve come to believe that we conservatives are fighting a losing battle unless we change our tactics and goals.  Major media and major entertainment must be fundamentally challenged, infiltrated, re-purposed and/or taken offline.

Hollywood and the dominant media are a cancer eating away at the vitality of our democratic republic. Those who can’t be co-opted are being brainwashed and those who can’t be brain-washed are being destroyed.

This environment is different than any I’ve ever experienced in a lifetime of following and participating in politics.  I suspect time is very short for us to save our nation.

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