Will the United States of America long exist?

I am a Christian. A Born Again Christian. I believe in the Bible and that it is the word of God. I was brought up in a Christian home by parents each of whom talk the talk and walk the walk. My mother has never voted. My father last voted in 1960 for Richard Nixon.  Though he no longer voted, my dad has retained a deep interest in politics and government. He is a reader and still reads several books a week.  Now 84 years old,  he recently finished Herbert Hoover’s posthumously and recently published 900 plus page  Freedom Betrayed.

All through my childhood and teenage years Dad and I discussed politics and through that experience was formed the conservative I am today.  I registered to vote the instant I was old enough and have voted in every general election since.  I was a chair of my local GOP unit and have served various roles in the party apparatus.  I ran for public office and was elected three times.  My involvement in politics  in recent years has primarily been writing checks and blogging on various sites including RedState.

The conundrum for any Christian who becomes involved in political activity is how to balance the belief that ultimately God controls events with the desire to help elect good and decent people who will not tear down this republic that honest and God fearing men crafted in the late 18th Century.  For the entirety of my political involvement, I viewed my various activities as something like rear-guard actions.

When I worked to help elect Ronald Reagan in 1980 it was not with the idea that the result would change the end of the world but merely in the hope it could alter the trajectory of history and for a time nudge our nation back toward the principles and faith that made it the most blessed of all peoples in peaceful abundance and comfort.

When I  worked to help elect George W. Bush in 2000, I again viewed it as simply fighting the good fight. While the future has always been in God’s hands and the tide of world history is rushing toward ruin, I have felt a responsibility to my fellow man to continue in at least a few small ways to push back against the approaching darkness.

As I watch the media present obvious lies as the truth, and see our President revealed as a narcissistic knave, and see evidence that a majority of my fellow citizens are  either deceived or like-minded fools, I feel a change in my gut that leaves me sad yet also relieved of a burden. I am not yet fifty years old but I am weary and I feel my time in political activity of any sort is growing very short.  Current events point toward a fundamental change in the life experience of Americans.

When our foreign policy is based in part on what someone posted on YouTube,  when “serious” Americans argue that freedom of speech ends when persons in another land are offended,  when a good and decent man is held up to attack and ridicule while a preening clown holds the world’s most powerful office, then dark days indeed threaten our republic.

We have seven weeks to push back against evil and prolong our republic’s existence a while longer.  Seven weeks. Seven weeks from tonight we will know. Will America once more choose to sidestep disaster and move back toward sanity and Godliness, or will it continue in a downward spiral to destruction?

God bless all of you who may read this and God bless the United States of America.

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