Another look at the Polls before the weekend.

Jay Cost has another excellent piece today in which he again demonstrates that Obama is in a weak polling position despite the headlong rush by the media to declare him re-elected by acclimation.

Also the latest Rasmussen tracking poll is out and Obama’s 2 point lead from yesterday has fallen to just a single point today. That would suggest that 47%-gate has already dissipated and won’t have any lasting effect on the race. If anything it may have helped stoke Republican grassroots fervor which long term would be a major benefit for Romney.

What I would love to see the Romney-Ryan Campaign do from here on out is:

1. Talk in short direct sentences like this: “President Obama has had four years to fix the mess he inherited and we are worse off now than we were then. We have 25 million people unemployed and $16 trillion dollars in debt.”

2. When the media comes out with their gotcha crap like the 47% don’t run from it, don’t explain it, OWN IT! Smile and keep on getting it.

3. No matter what garbage you get thrown in  debates or interviews, pivot to your core message. Don’t try to explain why you said XYZ last March, talk about your plan for the future.

4. Incessantly pound Obama when he puts his foot in his mouth. For instance when Brian Williams or some other liberal hack asks in the debates “Governor how can you represent all Americans when you stated in that video blah blah blah” Romney needs to smile and say “I  tell you what Brian, I’ll explain that to you just as soon as you can get Barack Obama to explain what he meant by sending word to Vladimir Putin that he will be “more flexible” after the election”. That type of response would knock the liberal press in the teeth and infuriate Obama.

5. Following on #4, whenever the media fixates on some supposed Romney or Ryan gaffe, turn it around and refer back in some way to an Obama gaffe. Turn the tables. The debates will be one of the few opportunities for Romney to have unfiltered access to the mindless drones who get their news from the dominant media.

6. DO NOT allow the Democrats and the media to marginalize conservatism. Don’t seem embarrassed by conservatism. Don’t fall into the media trap that conservatism is something to apologize for. And I don’t just mean pro-life, traditional marriage type questions. The left is systematically marginalizing conservative ECONOMIC theory.

7. Keep a sunny smile on your face. When asked absurd questions smile and say “I don’t think that’s what the American people are concerned about. I think that they are concerned about jobs, and providing a good home for their family, and safe schools that teach our children how to compete and thrive. “

This election can be won, but it also can be lost.

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