MSNBC WATCH: Rachel Maddow’s “apology” today really isn’t one.

So you’re Rachel Maddow, and you’ve been caught snarking at a Christwire.com website that’s purely a spoof. (See yesterday’s post and, especially, the comments.) You apologize, say you staff isn’t really good at this Google fact-checking stuff, and take your lumps. But no…

Rachel Maddow mentioned RedState again. We’re all nuts, you see. Because she says so.

Her segment began by attacking Glenn Beck. He’s nuts! He said this nutty thing! And that nutty thing! And that nutty thing! And John Bolton said this nutty thing! And that nutty thing! And that nutty thing!

And, oh yeah, I got spoofed yesterday.

This is a Rachel Maddow apology?

This is “finding what’s true in the world”? Having MSBC scrub your website so your error doesn’t appear online?

Comcast, you fired Keith Olbermann and you allow this?

Totally classless, Rachel Maddow.

Can we do something about it (other than not watch)?

This is The Rachel Maddow Show website, where this “apology” might or might not appear in an hour or two.

Dragging some lame, completely unrelated criticism of Glenn Beck (Fox News) into an apology for your own mistake. Why didn’t I expect this from an MSNBC anchor?

Actually, I did expect it. I told my wife, “They’re gonna say, ‘We did this wrong, but-but-but, we’re still better than Fox News!'”


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