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    MSNBC’s Ed Schultz must go

    It’s no secret that MSNBC’s The Ed Show is terrible, but Thursday’s show was something else. Comcast, why oh why do you allow this partisan liar on television? I know what you’re thinking. Barry, how can any Ed Schultz show possibly break any records for shear awfulness? Didn’t we all read “Bozell Column: Fact-Challenged Ed Schultz” in Newsbusters on May 10th? Barry, didn’t Wednesday’s show | Read More »

    Ronald Reagan’s new book of quotes (Reagan Library) & Quote Notes

    PERSONAL: I just had a colonoscopy and an EDG done this afternoon, so I hope this post is OK. I have well over 6,000 entries on my website, just gave a check and saw that yesterday’s Google Adsense earnings was all of $1.33. Rodney Dangerfield had it easy, and you can quote me on that. ————————————————————————————————- RONALD REAGAN’S NEW BOOK OF QUOTES If you | Read More »

    “Live Free or Die” (the true origin given today, on John Stark Day in New Hampshire)

    Today is John Stark Day in New Hampshire, honoring the Revolutionary soldier who wrote in 1809, “Live Free or Die!” Stark didn’t originate the saying, and let us be the first to explain it. I hope the New Hampshire newspapers pick up the story.  My interest began on last Saturday, when I was listening to the libertarian radio show Live Free Austin. The guest was | Read More »

    JAIL IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Why we need another Pecora Commission

    Does anyone here know anything about the Pecora Commission? It starts with one brave person. I’ll begin with this article from Zero Hedge: Phil Angelides Discusses America’s Dual Justice System: One For Wall Street And One For Everyone Else Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/14/2011 21:56 -0400 Lisa Murphy of Bloomberg interviewed the chairman of the now defunct FCIC, Phil Angelides to discuss the findings | Read More »

    Origin of Obama’s “scalpel vs. machete” budget cliche

    Here I was, sitting with my car in the ditch, drinking my Slurpee, and listening to Obama’s speech. Obama once again said that we need a scalpel, not a machete, to the out-of-control federal budget. The scalpel-vs.-machete cliche appears to date to at least 1980–and is almost always used by a Democrat. I’ve just added it to my Political Glossary: Entry from April 13, 2011 | Read More »

    Origin of “Stupid Party” & “Evil Party”

    There is a quote out there that sometimes get attributed to Republican Senate Leader Everett Dirksen and sometimes not. The quote is that there two parties in Washington — the stupid party and the evil party. Every once in a while the stupid party and the evil party get together and do something that is both stupid and evil. In Washington, that is called bipartisanship.–Erick | Read More »

    JAIL IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Warren Buffett (Friend-of-Obama) edition

    Frontrunning crimes aren’t prosecuted. Prosecution is for the little people! From Wikipedia: David L. Sokol (born 1956, Omaha, NE) was a Chairman, President and CEO of NetJets along with Chairman of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, of which Berkshire Hathaway holds a 100% and 89.8% stake respectively. He resigned March 28, 2011. (…) Resignation and Lubrizol related share activityMr. Sokol purchased 96,060 shares of Lubrizol at | Read More »

    Origin of the Bake Sale (and Maddow’s “Bakesales for Bombers”/”Bakesales or Billionaires”)

    Here’s the origin of the “bake sale” (an American tradition, now endangered thanks to Michelle Obama), plus Rachel Maddow’s recent “bake sale” obsession. RACHEL MADDOW’S “BAKESALES OR BILLIONAIRES” & “BAKESALES FOR BOMBERS” Rachel Maddow, in February 2011, talked about “bakesales or billionaires.” If the SEIU and the AFL-CIO can’t buy political elections anymore, Maddow said, the Democrats will have to resort to bake sales while | Read More »

    JAIL IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: The Charlie Engle story

    Ultra-marathoner Charlie Engle is in jail. The real financial criminals never go to jail and are, in fact, rewarded with government bailouts and generous bonuses. On March 16th, I wrote here “Jail Is For The Little People.” This is a little person’s story and I found it quite interesting. From Saturday’s New York Times: Talking Business In Prison for Taking a Liar Loan By JOE | Read More »

    MSNBC WATCH: Dead Jews are not news?; Libyan hypocrisy; ObamaCare anniversary lies

    Such a terrible news network, so much to discuss. DEAD JEWS ARE NOT NEWS? 77% of American Jews voted for President Obama. I wasn’t one of them. Would anyone care to guess what a poll in Israel on Obama’s popularity would look like right now? MSNBC, as usual, simply doesn’t report on terrorist atrocities in Israel. The Fogel family? Young children murdered in their sleep? | Read More »