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    Some thoughts on reaching women voters

    Have you ever noticed that EVERY single women’s magazine has a Leftist agenda. Sandwiched among the relationship articles and the latest pasta recipes are fear mongering crisis articles (and the need for Government as a protector). Then there’s the steady drumbeat of casual sex is cool…casual sex has no fun…casual sex has no consequences…contraception…contraception…contraception…abortion…abortion…abortion.  Every conservative man is a Neanderthal or a geek in need | Read More »

    Yes, WE plan too

    “Anti-choice” is the epithet hurled by libs.  “Reproductive rights” is their favorite catch phrase.  Some like Thomas Freidman draw ridiculous moral equivalence criteria to twist “pro-life” into a term meaning that one is in favor of a laundry list of big-government policies.  Others don pink tee shirts to strut and preen on a Youtube video chanting “Yes we plan”. The rhetorical imagery Libs use call | Read More »

    Lena Dunham, Step Aside.

    My first time…how I remember. I didn’t want it to be with just anybody, so I found a really…great guy..or so I thought. He was hip. He was cool. His pals were celebrities and he really seemed to understand women. Almost immediately after I began to have doubts. Despite all the parties he attended and the vacations he took, I noticed he was always broke | Read More »

    An Open Letter to all those who write Open Letters…

    I groaned as I went to Facebook today and saw that several people had posted a link reading “An Open Letter to Ann Coulter”. It was concerning Ann’s use of the “R word” (retard) in a tweet during Monday night’s presidential debate. A young man with Down’s syndrome took exception.  I thought….here we go again……but there was more… Others were upset because Richard Mourdock, Senate | Read More »

    An open letter to Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johanssen and Hollywood A-listers…

    You claim you speak for us and stand for our interests…..SERIOUSLY?????? You claim you can’t imagine a woman voting for Mitt Romney.  Well listen up Eva.  You too, Scarlett.  The rest of you A-Listers, class in now in session. Each time we go to fill up our cars, we realize that we’re paying more for gas than we were four years ago because oil production | Read More »