The Latest Poll

    The latest CBS News/New Yory Times poll is out and low and behold – Barack Obama is ahead by 14 points. Reminds me of the time of Saddam Hussein and the Al Jezzera polls in Bagdad predicting his “win” by a landslide. Can these people be more biased or not?

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    Happy Birthday USN!

    Jeff Bacon says it best… To all those who have served, all those serving and all those currently in harms way….Shipmates.

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    Gwen Ifill, the moderator for Thursdays Vice Presidential debate, is releasing a book detailing the spectacular rise of Barack Obama. Appearantly, the McCain camp was not told this when the debates were being negotiated. How wrong is this? What would happen if Hannity or Limbaugh were offered up to moderate? Where is the out rage over this gross example of bias? This is just another | Read More »

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    First Impressions

    Having to go to work in the rainy Maine AM, I am only watching the first question in this historic debate. The first response from Obama provided an insight to his speech-writers accumen. Mcain’s response was less scripted and more down to earth. Let me know what you think.