The Iran Nuke Deal is Damnable Mess, From Beginning to End

    The nuclear deal with Iran is a full-fledged disaster. The terms of the agreement are truly frightening, but they represent just the tip of the messy iceberg this process has become. To address just one heinous term of the deal that should independently disqualify it, Iran will have up to 24 days to respond to a concern, or to provide access to an inspector, should | Read More »

    Call for my death? I’ll lift your sanctions. Call my deal bad? I’ll shut you up.

    Political debates have always occasionally veered into incivility, with many examples preserved for the ages in the pamphlets published during the American Revolution.  In my adult life, I’ve heard countless examples, and am confident in saying that the most extreme statements consistently come from the left.  (Have conservatives ever engaged in anything so disgusting as what leftists did to Justice Thomas?)  So it’s always a | Read More »

    Donald Trump? Really??

    Donald Trump has officially declared his candidacy for the highest office in the land.  Since his announcement, I’ve heard and read the thoughts of too many who seem to be going out of their way to portray him as a reasonable choice for this role.  Granted, in a country that has twice elected Obama as president, it’s difficult to single out anyone as unqualified or | Read More »

    Memorial Day, 2015

    Like many others, I’ve been reflecting this Memorial Day weekend on the countless men and women who have given their lives for this country and the ideals upon which it was founded.  I have thought about so many brave Americans who didn’t hesitate to throw themselves into harms way when called, and who breathed their last breath in lands far from home.   I’ve thought much | Read More »

    “Words mean things”? If only…

    Recently, White House spokesman Josh Earnest, while expressing the administration’s concerns about comments made by Prime Minister Netanyahu during his campaign for reelection, uttered the phrase, “words mean things.” I thought I may have been hallucinating, but I later confirmed that he had indeed said that by reading news accounts. I can’t help but ask – since when have words meant anything beyond momentary expediency | Read More »

    It’s Not Netanyahu Who Insults Our Intelligence From Some Fantasy World!

    In the wake of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress, House Minority Leader said in a statement that she was “saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge posed by Iran…”, and referred to the speech as “an insult to the intelligence of the United States.”  This from a woman who genuinely insults our intelligence nearly every time she opens her mouth. The State Department has | Read More »

    Obama’s Bizzaro Middle East

    The Obama regime has turned the entirety of the Middle East political landscape upside down. Apparently there is nothing of substance in this country’s historical alliance with Israel, and the regime is now behaving as if our relationship with sponsors of worldwide terrorism means more to us. And it’s nothing short of surreal. Just days ago, in a Q&A with , Secretary of State affirmed | Read More »

    More Proof that Self-evident Truth is Extinct

    “We hold these truths to be self evident…”, so wrote Thomas Jefferson and the other authors of the Declaration of Independence, and as evidence, the Continental Congress voted to separate from England and accept all of the unavoidable consequences. Self-evident truth – a concept that appears to be extinct in the post-Christian, post-modern, post-racial America that Barack Hussein Obama epitomizes. That is nothing new, and | Read More »

    Give Brian Williams an Award!

    I almost have to laugh at calls for NBC to fire Brian Williams after he admitted to lying about being in an army helicopter that was shot down during his efforts to cover the Gulf war in 2003. This is the network that continues to employ the likes of Al Sharpton, a man who has repeatedly been thoroughly discredited, from the infamous Tawana Brawley mess | Read More »

    ISIS is just like you, Christians!

    Barack Hussein Obama made use of the national prayer breakfast to again provide a peek at the real Barry.  He found this venue – the national prayer breakfast – to be an appropriate stage from which to place Christians on the same plane with ISIS, just days after these inhumane murderers televised their burning to death of a Jordanian pilot.  This is just the latest | Read More »