Something About Liberalism Makes it Impossible To See The World As It Really Is

    In an interview aired this weekend on 60 Minutes, Obama conceded that his administration (well, others in his administration, and not him specifically) had “underestimated” the growing threat that ISIS was becoming in Syria, and as a result, was late in fashioning a strategy to deal with them.  One can only wonder if the majority of Americans that voted for this community agitator are learning | Read More »

    The Political Methods of a Community Agitator

    Each day, after each debacle, after every act of contempt for the Constitution, and each display of arrogant condescension, I’m left to shake my head and simply lament how poorly Americans have done in choosing a president.  His most recent atrocity – insisting on attaching a bill that would fund his decision to send American troops to train Iraqi and Syrian rebels in opposition to | Read More »

    a flailing president

    Though I am increasingly convinced that Obama is not the least bit displeased with the state of the world, his policy of withdrawal has proven to be a wholesale disaster by most objective standards, at least by those who love this country, and as midterm elections approach he is flailing wildly to rewrite recent history to project a more favorable image.  It’s nothing short of | Read More »

    Socialism is not virtuous

    On this past Sunday’s television program, “The Georgia Gang” (aired by the Fox affiliate in Atlanta), a telling exchange took place during a discussion about the Georgia senate race between David Perdue and Michelle Nunn.  One of the guests noted that some pro-business democrats that he knew were supporting Mr. Perdue, to which Ms. Alexis Scott, vice president of member relations for the Center for | Read More »

    Presidential response to ISIS – “fooooooore!”

    There was much discussion, and a good deal of disappointment expressed about the president’s reaction to the murder of journalist Jim Foley by ISIS terrorists, and all I could do was wonder where these people have been.  What were people expecting?  In truth I was a bit surprised that Obama took time away from his golf game to address it at all, though his comments | Read More »

    Isn’t this beheading BHO’s fault?

    It appears that the Islamist group ISIS has beheaded James Foley, an American journalist who has been missing since late 2012, and I can’t help but wonder whether the left in this country will attribute this murder to the sins of America.  I mean, is this not just another example of America’s chickens coming home to roost? Similar heinous acts were committed against Americans and | Read More »

    a community agitator, but certainly no leader

    Leadership is something this president has absolutely no intention of demonstrating, in any issue, anywhere. During his press conference yesterday he opened with comments about events in Iraq and Ferguson, MO.  He was then asked whether he agreed with Missouri governor Jay Nixon’s decision to deploy the National Guard to deal with the thuggish rabble that is using the tragic death of a young man | Read More »