Our apologetic president has a problem

    It seems to me that Obama and the rest of the trash-America-first crowd have a problem.  We’ve all been witness to our own president apologizing for America to Europeans, to Muslims, to Latin Americans, for American arrogance, for “going off track” in the war on terror, for being dictatorial in relations with other countries, etc., etc.  We’ve seen him recoil at the mere mention of | Read More »

    Obama’s contempt for America is torture to me

    I think it’s entirely clear that all of the attention directed toward methods of the CIA of late demonstrate further the contempt that Obama and others on the left have for this country.  It does seem that the only conceivable reason to produce, and then make public, a “report” of this nature is to bolster Obama’s position that America is one of the greatest sources | Read More »

    If “feeling” and “fact” disagree, flush the fact

    A great deal of the media message addressing Ferguson seems to support the idea that the rioting and violence of protestors is understandable and should be tolerated.  This message is just one result of 50 years of subordinating thought and reason to “feelings,” and asserting that all “feelings” are created equal. The thugs that looted and burned Ferguson were ostensibly troubled by the grand jury | Read More »

    Democratic answer to illegal immigration – crush the economic incentive to come here

    During the president’s amnesty announcement on Thursday night, he said this – “Overall, the number of people trying to cross the border illegally is at its lowest level since the 1970’s. Those are the facts.” Obama is exclusively addressing the low-information class, and possibly those for whom English is a 2nd language (he made his announcement during Univision’s telecast of the Latin Grammy’s with the | Read More »

    Time will tell if Gruber is right

    Jonathan Gruber, one of the key architects of Obamacare, has recently become a YouTube star for merely expressing the contempt that he and most of those on the elite left hold for Americans.  It’s really fascinating, how many seem to have been surprised by his consistent characterization of us, as it’s been clear for a long time to anyone who would dare to look how | Read More »

    A joke every minute

    We are being ruled by a regime that is purposely marginalizing and weakening the country it governs.  The past six years have provided enough evidence of this to anyone who has been even partially conscious, but it seems clear that the pace of executing measures to reach those ends is accelerating, and we can probably expect this to continue for the remainder of BHO’s term. | Read More »

    ….and Netanyahu is a coward??

    The current occupant of White House and those close to him have recently characterized Israel’s Prime Minister as chicken feces.  That’s right – Barack Obama and the men’s men he associates with (have you seen the video of Obama’s vicious weight training regimen?) apparently believe that he’s demonstrated so much bravery in his life that, by comparison, Netanyahu is yella. It’s really one of those | Read More »

    Landrieu, by extension, admits to being a bigot

    As the midterm campaigns round the bend for the home stretch, it’s not difficult to surmise which candidates are feeling uneasy.  in Louisiana is squirming, and because there is nothing of substance that she can run on, she decided to go to the back of the play book and deploy a Democrat party failsafe – the race card. In an interview Thursday on NBC, the | Read More »

    less wrong = more right

    I hear many conservatives lamenting the state of the Republican party, and Lord knows, I, too lament.  It saddens, disappoints, and vexes me that conservatives are so reluctant to push an agenda that will be necessary to reverse the damage done since the end of the Reagan administration.  I genuinely believe that a sustained effort, years, of educating people of the consequences of liberalism and | Read More »

    a refugee by any other name…

    Obama and his entourage have a pattern of bastardizing the definitions of words, twisting them to suit the objective du jour.  Just a few months ago a federal judge declared that the federal government was not authorized to issue subsidies to people who acquired their health care plans through a federal exchange.  That ruling was made because — that is what the law says!  Moreover, | Read More »