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    The Angst of Veterans

    It is perhaps to be expected that five years into the reign of a liberal Democrat president, after a decade of war, and with four years of increasing budget constraint, the veteran community would have a lot to be unhappy about. And they do. Let’s put the gripes into three buckets: 1. National security policy. The bottom line is that it is hard for people who have risked | Read More »

    The Incredible Shrinking President

    Back in the day Pedro Martinez, the ace Red Sox pitcher, let slip after a losing effort against the Yankees that perhaps they were his Daddy. It seems that within the social strata where male parentage is frequently problematical, the phrase refers to a particular kind of dominance on the street. For the balance of his otherwise brilliant career, every appearance at Yankee Stadium was | Read More »

    Encouragement and Abandonment in the Age of Obama

    You’ve got to suspect that the tide is turning when the Washington Post’s editorial board titles an editorial “President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy“, and concludes that  “military strength, trustworthiness as an ally, staying power in difficult corners of the world such as Afghanistan — these still matter, much as we might wish they did not.” There are no Ukranian names on the masthead | Read More »

    Chuck Hagel’s Budget: Sounding Retreat

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s Defense Department budget tells us all what we knew – America’s reduced role on the world geopolitical stage extends far beyond the mere withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan; it includes a conscious plan to reduce our capabilities to project force around the world. It is a plan driven both by the anti-imperialism of President Obama and by the budgetary zeal of Republicans | Read More »

    The Great California Drought

    Before She rested on the seventh day, God created the Sierra Nevada mountains to catch a bountiful winter rain and snowfall, and a vast fertile but arid valley to the south and west. Since then California has been a story of great engineering projects to store and move water, surrounded by politics. Let’s set some background: – California’s existence as a state with 38 million people | Read More »

    The Morality of Obama’s Wagon

    Dinesh D’Souza, conservative intellectual and producer of 2016: Obama’s America, recently commented on the inverted morality of praising those who are “sitting in the wagon” and demonizing those who are “pulling the wagon”. (See this video starting at minute 4:00.)  D’Souz’s premise has three parts: 1. There are an increasing number of people sitting in the wagon. – The simplest statistic is the civilian labor force participation rate which | Read More »

    The Sunni Jihadist Rebirth

    The most important news in the past week was not the humiliation of Peyton Manning, the arrest of a leading Bitcoin entrepreneur, or the drug death of another Hollywood celebrity; it was not even the Congressional Budget Office revelation that Obamacare will cost over 2,000,000 jobs. It was the break between al Queda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Let’s explain: | Read More »

    Inequality: the Obama Legacy

    The State of the Union speech really had two messages: 1. We are faced with three years of a lame duck. President Obama will not try to work with Congress and has no illusions of accomplishing much that is significant. He has not rethought Obamacare, the NSA, tax policy, energy policy, or anything else that is holding back the economy. We can probably live with that domestically; unfortunately, President | Read More »

    Designing the Ideal Presidential Candidate

    There is a truism in consumer product marketing that it is easier to find out what people want and make it for them than to make what you want to make and go find customers for it. Similarly in politics, with the Republican field being so wide open there is an opportunity to start with what the customers want rather than what some Party or campaign machine wants | Read More »

    President Obama’s “Power of the Pen”

    Since the Republicans took over the House in 2010, there has been much talk about gridlock. In fact, the role of Harry Reid has been to prevent House bills from darkening the President’s doorstep, with budgeting, prior to the past month, left to “continuing resolutions” and Obama ruling by executive order and regulation rather than trying to find common ground. With this week’s braggadocio that he had | Read More »