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    (Democratic) Conventional Thinking

    If presidential elections were only about giving great speeches – and arguably 2008 was – President Obama would be in a lot better shape. To the uncritical neutral observer Michelle

    (Republican) Conventional Thinking

     So, was it an inflection point? The common political wisdom is that voters re-elect an incumbent without much thought if things are going OK, that folks will take a look

    Focusing on Florida

    Presidential campaigns can be sliced by demographics, ideology, or geography. A big piece of the Obama campaign emphasizes demographics with the “Republican War on Women”, “Tax the Rich”,  and “African

    Digesting Paul Ryan

    The central point for those few Republicans who wanted a more cautious choice for Vice President: the highly successful CEO has hired a brilliant Sales Vice President. Consider: 1. Mitt

    The Great Polling Scandal

    Those looking beyond Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Madow for political predictions turn to polls. Unfortunately, the integrity of pollsters can be as bereft as the Senate Majority Leader, the president’s

    Predicting the Senate

    With America’s most despised politician Nancy Pelosi speaking inanely about Romney’s NAACP appearance and exploited Jewish Republicans, there is virtually no chance that the voters in the 435 Congressional districts

    Mitt’s Polish Connection

    As the political discussion shifts for a moment to the international stage the Romney camp’s hope is to capitalize on Mitt’s role in saving the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics and

    Mitt’s Excellent Adventure

    With the business-ignorant president howling about the timing of Mitt Romney’s leave of absence from Bain to save the 2002 Olympics, and some conservatives arguing for a “tax records for

    Veepstakes – Condi

    On the great parlor game of VP prognostication I am an outlier, along with Bill Kristol. Like many, I am looking for clues and rationale, but I don’t come up

    RomneyCare 3.0

    Well, I’ve spent a week away from sharp objects, reading as much about John Roberts’ decision as I could, and listening to as many opinions as I could stand. Here’s