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    The Sunni Jihadist Rebirth

    The most important news in the past week was not the humiliation of Peyton Manning, the arrest of a leading Bitcoin entrepreneur, or the drug death of another Hollywood celebrity; it was not even the Congressional Budget Office revelation that Obamacare will cost over 2,000,000 jobs. It was the break between al Queda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Let’s explain: | Read More »

    Inequality: the Obama Legacy

    The State of the Union speech really had two messages: 1. We are faced with three years of a lame duck. President Obama will not try to work with Congress and has no illusions of accomplishing much that is significant. He has not rethought Obamacare, the NSA, tax policy, energy policy, or anything else that is holding back the economy. We can probably live with that domestically; unfortunately, President | Read More »

    Designing the Ideal Presidential Candidate

    There is a truism in consumer product marketing that it is easier to find out what people want and make it for them than to make what you want to make and go find customers for it. Similarly in politics, with the Republican field being so wide open there is an opportunity to start with what the customers want rather than what some Party or campaign machine wants | Read More »

    President Obama’s “Power of the Pen”

    Since the Republicans took over the House in 2010, there has been much talk about gridlock. In fact, the role of Harry Reid has been to prevent House bills from darkening the President’s doorstep, with budgeting, prior to the past month, left to “continuing resolutions” and Obama ruling by executive order and regulation rather than trying to find common ground. With this week’s braggadocio that he had | Read More »

    Generational Politics

    Over the holidays there were many opportunities – with kids, friends’ kids, and even grandkids – to reflect on the differences of political views between generations. Winston Churchill’s famous aphorism – “Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.” – sheds some light, but there is more going on | Read More »

    Hillary’s State Department Resume

    Hillary’s State Department Resume     New Year’s Resolution # 1 – No Hillary posts until something really happens. Just this one exception (kind of like the resolution about creme brule.) The December CNN poll showing Hillary Clinton and Chris Cristie to be statistically tied as the leading candidates for 2016 reflects the importance of name recognition, but this far in advance, not much more. What is worth | Read More »

    President Obama’s Constitution

    In the broad arc of American history the Obamacare episode will be known not so much for its incompetence and deceipt or its near destruction of the world’s best health care system as for the most broadly understood example of a decline in constitutional protections against an imperial presidency. Consider: There’s lots to dislike about Obamacare – and most Americans do dislike it; the most recent CNN poll | Read More »

    In Praise of the Republican House

    Polls are confusing when they are intended to form opinion rather than to reflect it. Take the favorability ratings of Congress – 9% according to Gallup, the lowest since polling began in 1974. Outlets like CBS , The Hill, and the Huffington Post like to use this number to make President Obama’s 40% approval ratings look good, and to attach blame to the Republican House and its | Read More »

    Obama’s Growing Income Inequality

    In a December 4 speech President Obama called increasing economic opportunity the driving force of his past five years and vowed to devote much of his remaining time in office to economic inequality, “the defining issue of our time.” It was a theme of the Mandela funeral. The Pope, Time’s “Man of the Year”,  is chiming in. The end of federal unemployment extensions ups the ante. The theme | Read More »

    Health Care: Republican Ideas

    One of the Democrat canards as support for Obamacare (and Obama) is collapsing is that the Republicans have no ideas other than to return to “the bad old days”. True, there is no one Republican spokesman and the House has focused on repeal, but that does not mean that there are no Republican ideas. The larger point is that “the bad old days” were not so bad | Read More »