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    The Lame Duck

    Barack Obama has never seemed to be interested in or good at governing – sometimes to the detriment of the nation, and sometimes to our benefit. The paramount question four months into his second term is who will guide the ship of state through 2016. A few points in evidence: – Exhibit number one is the failed effort to do something – anything – after | Read More »

    Seeking Optimism

    At a recent large family outing I got cornered by a liberal Democrat who was lamenting the growing disparity between the rich and the poor and the bleak prospects for the younger generation. With the hard-earned lesson that one doesn’t seek converts in such settings, we steered off to the steep financial bifurcation in sports, music, and writing. Here is what I would have liked | Read More »

    Global Leadership?: Nyet

    One could make the case – and Dinesh D’Souza has quite convincingly – that President Obama’s policies for much of the world reflect the anti-imperial activism of his Kenyan father and, to a lesser extent, his Indonesian stepfather. Thus, his non-response to the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria. Thus his retreat from Iraq without leaving any forces behind. Thus his leaving the | Read More »

    Education: The Positive Republican Issue

    Enough of being the “Party of No”. Republicans have had a tough few years trying to be the responsible parent, insisting on financial discipline and limited government. While most voters understand the need to balance their household budgets and wouldn’t want to leave their kids with a mountain of personal debt, the Democrats have benefited politically by emphasizing the specific and tangible while the Republicans | Read More »

    We Are All Cypriots

    Back in the 60’s when Berlin was surrounded by 20 Soviet Army divisions in East Germany, President Kennedy, acting as the leader of the Free World (a quaint anachronism in itself) famously declared “Ich bin ein Berliner” – “I Am a Berliner”. For the moment, the front line for our Western system of individual rights rests in Cyprus. Ironically, the attack comes from the European | Read More »

    Rand Paul’s Filibuster: A Perspective

    A president has to trust the common sense of the American people. On the small stuff the people, wanting  to have faith in the president, will give him wide berth. (Let him flit around on Air Force One while shutting down White House tours.) On the middle stuff he can fool most of the people enough of the time. (Of course he will address spending | Read More »

    Obama’s Evolving Sequester Strategy

    President Obama’s sequester strategy has progressed through several phases: 1. Stand fast with his base in refusing any change to entitlement programs and demanding further tax increases on the rich by elimination of loopholes. That has worked several times; why not again? Plan A failed when the Republicans were surprisingly willing to accept arbitrary cuts to the military, allowing sequestration to go into effect. 2. | Read More »

    The Military Sequester: Making Lemonade

    Every year or so I write a piece that offends many of my friends. This is the one for 2013. We do not need to spend nearly as much on our military as the rest of the world combined, and sequestration seems to be the only way to tame the beast. Before talking about how much we need, lets put aside the question of what | Read More »

    Immigration: Policy and Politics

    We will have comprehensive immigration reform within the next few months. The Republicans need it to survive. The Democrats cannot again stiff the demographic which gave Obama a plurality of 6 million votes in his 3 million vote victory. The policy is simple. In a brief moment of bipartisan wisdom, eight Senators worked out the framework – Schumer, Menendez, Bennet, and Durbin for the Dems | Read More »

    The Willful Ignorance of Bubbles

    As in finance, political bubbles are characterized by willful ignorance followed by excess, a painful burst, and broad recognition that we should have seen it coming. (We pundits often claim that we did, but in doing so, it is hard to not sound like one of Sprio Agnew’s “nattering nabobs of negativity”. ) The real estate burst of the 00’s is a classic example – | Read More »