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    Karl Rove RIP

    OK, so Karl Rove can raise millions more to start another PAC to: Option A. Develop databases, software, and field offices to match Barack Obama’s vaunted permanent campaign organization which has morphed into Organizing for Action, a PAC funded by friendly corporations and George Soros and dedicated to supporting the Left’s agenda; or Option B. Focus the new Orwellian-named  Conservative Victory Project, on the pointed | Read More »

    Benghazi to Mali: Connecting the Dots

    In his inaugural address President Obama included much that people want to believe, including: “This generation of Americans has been tested by crises that steeled our resolve  and proved our resilience.  A decade of war is now ending.” Done with Bush’s “bad war” in Iraq; ending Obama’s inconsequential “good war” in Afghanistan. Smooth sailing ahead. Good enough to win reelection; freightening if he believes it. | Read More »

    Shining a Light on the Senate

    Praise be !!!   In military terms, it is a flanking move.  With the President hardly mentioning ongoing extraordinary unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, and bankrupt entitlement programs while throwing down the gauntlet of his liberal agenda in his second inaugural address, someone in the House (Budget Chair Paul Ryan) has realized that the Democrats’ weak spot is the Senate where for three years Harry Reid has | Read More »

    Whither the Tea Party?

    Recent polling shows that just 8% of voters now consider themselves to be Tea Party members, down from 24% shortly after the passage of Obamacare. Peggy Lee’s 1969 classic “Is That All There Is?” comes to mind. (Do watch the video for the full impact.) What happened? At it’s height, the Tea Party tried to define itself in the mission statement of the Tea Party | Read More »

    Building From The Bottom

    This week’s post is offered amid the ongoing pall of disappointment (find a stronger word – ed.)with the election and the fiscal cliff. Foremost: think globally; act locally. Some friends ask “What can be done to revitalize the Republican Party in San Francisco?”  More ask “Why bother to try?” In the spirit of a New Year, with a new Central Committee embarking on a four | Read More »

    Fiscal Nausea

    When future historians write about the Great Obama Inflation their milestones will include the $800 billion stimulus plan, Obamacare, and the Fiscal Cliff – the compilation of all of the GOPs futile efforts to limit taxes and spending. Obama would have none of it and the Republicans in Congress whiffed. The Emotion. –  The Congressional Republicans are Linus to Obama’s Lucy van Pelt. The President | Read More »

    The Fiscal Cliff: 3 Clear Goals

    A couple of friends in London (here for the holidays) have asked “why would you Republicans risk so much damage to prevent 2% of the population from moving from a 35% to a 39.6% marginal tax rate.” Republicans are obviously terrible marketers, but there are three clear considerations as they manage their two points of leverage – the fiscal cliff, and the companion debt ceiling | Read More »

    The Queen of Benghazi

    Surprise newsflash: The consensus Democratic frontrunner for president in 2016, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who graciously protected President Obama from blame for security failures at Benghazi in October, and allowed ambitious subordinate Susan Rice to be the administration’s prime source of disinformation, misses key congressional hearings (due to a virus or a concussion or whatever), while the official administration report on State’s failures focuses | Read More »

    Post (Election) Traumatic Stress Disorder

    A month after the election I am still in the “what the ****  happened?” mode – beyond denial, anger, and bargaining but not yet through depression to acceptance. Elections are about the candidates, the campaigns, and the policies. The first two of these are about somebody else and in the past – not a personal problem; it is the third that challenges one’s view of | Read More »

    The Fiscal Cliff: Negotiating Lessons

    Several years ago, along life’s wonderous journey, I had the responsibility for buying stuff – bottles, flour, spices, filling equipment, transportation services, and the like -for a couple of large corporations.  In the process I learned some universal truths about negotiation- some obvious; some not  – and tried to pass on some of the difficult lessons to my junior purchasing agents. In politics some is | Read More »