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    Trump v Hillary: The Electoral College

    Lurking in the background of the Republican primary contests is the contention, contained in the Real Clear Politicspolling averages, that John Kasich (+7%), Marco Rubio (+4%), and perhaps Ted Cruz (+1%) would defeat Hillary Clinton while Donald Trump (-6%) would not. Throw out that piece of conventional wisdom. Three perspectives: 1. National polling is meaningless in presidential elections; it is the electoral college which counts. | Read More »

    Trump v Hillary: On Policy

    Analysts have been slow to peel the onion on the reasons for Trump’s success – other than that people are mad (the current conventional wisdom pertaining to both Trump and Bernie Sanders) and he “tells it like it is” (the refrain of Trump fans.)  For the moment, let’s put personality aside and dig a bit deeper on why people are mad – and how that | Read More »

    The Republican Senate – 2016

    One important political subject that has been denied oxygen by the presidential campaigns is the partisan fate of the Senate. At one extreme are those who claim that a Trump nomination will cost Republicans the chamber; at the other are those who note that if the Democrats thought that they had a good shot, they would be talking about it. Let’s escape from Trump-mania for | Read More »

    Stop Trump – Get Out the Vote

    The 26 states and territories voting between now an March 15 may well determine whether or not Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and voters in November will be forced to decide between an unprincipled blowhard and a terminally corrupt failure as Secretary of State. – If you live in one of these states, please vote – generally, whether you are a Republican or not; | Read More »

    The Republican Hope: Changing the Game

    Note to the Republican establishment – if you cannot win the game that you are playing, re-think the game. This may be a little bit ahead of the general consensus, but there are two paths to the Republican presidential nomination, and only Donald Trump looks to be able to win on the first path –  getting a majority of delegates from the primaries and caucuses. | Read More »

    If Donald Meets Hillary

    OK!!!  OK, already !!!!  With Donald Trump leading comfortably in all of the polls (except the latest outlier  WSJ/NBC poll) and three quarters of Republicans anticipating that he will be the nominee, it is time to think about him going head to head with Hillary. It is way too hard to envision him as President Trump, but it is worth getting one’s head around Nominee Trump. | Read More »

    Obamacare as a 2016 Campaign Issue

      In broad strokes, two of Barack Obama’s largest legacies will be ISIS and Obamacare. Hillary Clinton cannot get away from the ISIS legacy – she helped construct and implement the policies which led to the rise of radical Islamic terrorism. However, as she tries to thread the needle between being the successor to a president who still has substantial popularity within the Democratic party, | Read More »

    Indicting Hillary

    The elephant in the room has nothing to do with Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton’s “firewall” as the nominating process moves to southern states where African Americans sway the Democratic party. It is quite likely that sometime between the Iowa caucuses on February 1, and the final Washington DC primary on June 14, that the Director of the FBI will recommend that the leading | Read More »

    At War With ISIS

    One section of President Obama’s recent State of the Union address was both deathly serious and perplexing. After a preamble putting the most positive spin possible on the war against ISIS, Obama challenged:         “If this Congress is serious about winning this war, and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, authorize the use of military force against | Read More »

    Reconsidering Bernie

        Is it time to reconsider Bernie Sanders?  Maybe that’s not quite right – consider him for the first time? Many of us have been operating on the assumption that Hillary was inevitable; that the socialist 74 year old junior senator from Vermont was a throw away place holder for Elizabeth Warren who (like Mitt Romney) is probably regretting a decision not to run; | Read More »