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    Mitt’s Excellent Adventure

    With the business-ignorant president howling about the timing of Mitt Romney’s leave of absence from Bain to save the 2002 Olympics, and some conservatives arguing for a “tax records for college transcripts” challenge, it is useful to take a step back and look at the broader campaign. The highlights: –  Romney navigated the primaries despite a series of media-hyped alternatives and the Obama campaign’s active | Read More »

    Veepstakes – Condi

    On the great parlor game of VP prognostication I am an outlier, along with Bill Kristol. Like many, I am looking for clues and rationale, but I don’t come up with the conventional wisdom, As for clues: –  Ann Romney’s comment that a woman was in the VP mix was not some off-handed throw-away. In the one discussion that I have had with her, Mrs. | Read More »

    RomneyCare 3.0

    Well, I’ve spent a week away from sharp objects, reading as much about John Roberts’ decision as I could, and listening to as many opinions as I could stand. Here’s mine. We are less free, less prosperous, and probably more equal. Liberals like that trade-off; conservatives not so much. Reagan was right: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass | Read More »

    Stealing From the Kids

    Karl Marx and the Obama campaign believe that personal economic benefit drives the politics of the huddled masses; the proletariat just need to be educated by the Party about how the State can eliminate their exploitation by the 1%. Let’s consider how this “economic self interest” narrative applies to today’s kids. (Anybody under 30 is a kid in my world.) 1. Jobs. As bad as | Read More »

    Cooperation – Washington Style

    Let’s make this simple. The American public wants political leaders who work across the aisle to get things done. Barack Obama has not shown a proclivity to work with Congress, even when it was controlled by Democrats. To the dismay of some conservatives, Mitt Romney governed Massachusetts as a joint venture with the dominant Democrats. The polling numbers would vary by specific subject but, in | Read More »

    Vindicating Joe “You Lie” Wilson

    When Congressman Joe Wilson cried out “You Lie”, during President Obama’s health-care address to Congress in 2009, he violated the Congressional rules of decorum, but did raise a question that gets more pertinent as Obama ramps up his electoral rhetoric. Is it OK to say things as fact that are really opinions? What about stretching data to fit your narrative? What if you know it | Read More »

    Obama’s New World

    In the broad arc of Barack Obama’s political career this is a new world. Among the unfamiliar factors that he must deal with: insurrection from the Clinton/labor wing of the party; requests for help from at risk supporters; and a growing capacity for criticism in the media. And that was before the major Spring economic slowdown and the Wisconsin wipe-out. Most importantly, there is a | Read More »

    California’s Train to Oblivion

    I recently listened to a (perhaps disingenuous) pitch from my Congressperson, Nancy Pelosi,  to the effect that budgets are important in that they reflect moral choices of society. I then listened to a group of California Democrats (and even a few Republicans) praising California’s high speed rail project which will cost somewhere between $70 and 100 billion dollars in capital over the next two decades. | Read More »

    Swing States: Basic Math

    The conventional wisdom is that in presidential elections two thirds of the states are so one-sided that they are irrelevant except for fund-raising. Most polling is done at a national level which doesn’t mean much, and there are varying opinions about the prospects for each of the swing states. How to think about the math?  Here are a few tools: 1. Charlie Cook’s Partisan Voter | Read More »

    Mea Culpa – Foreign Policy

    I have received quite a bit of blow-back for last week’s suggestion that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy performance has made her a powerful Democratic choice for VP, and perhaps for president. My point was about her political position; the Obama foreign policy legacy is a longer (and sadder) story, but it might as well begin here. The big picture: 1. After a doubling of our | Read More »