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    Defeating ISIS: Thesis / Antithesis / Synthesis

    Georg Friedrich Hegel’s structure for the development of ideas – thesis; antithesis; synthesis – provides a good framework for understanding the current state of debate about the war against ISIS. President Obama tried to do the right thing with his address to the nation about terrorism – explain the military strategy in the Middle East; explain the strategy for combating domestic terrorism; call for calm | Read More »

    Turkey: The Key To Defeating ISIS

    With the Leader of the Free World focused on restructuring the international economic model to stop global warming, the task of defeating ISIS has fallen to a weak Iraqi government, numerous uncoordinated militias, and several external powers each of which is pursuing its own interests while limiting its exposure.  It is perhaps inevitable that Turkey, given its history and geographic position, would emerge as the central | Read More »

    Election 2016: The National Security Vote

    Amid the changing demographics and social attitudes of Americans, one constant – at least post-Vietnam – is respect and appreciation for those who have served their country in the armed services. (The consensus is strong enough that Hillary Clinton makes a “two pinnochios” claim that the anti-war law school graduate who had just moved to Arkansas with Bill Clinton made an effort to join the Marines | Read More »

    Syrian Refugees: Restoring the Proper Focus

    Democrats always seem to be better at Public Relations than are Republicans. When faced with an indefensible position, they change the subject. Here we have a totally discredited Middle East strategy in which Hillary Clinton is inextricably complicit, particularly in Libya, but also in its grand design. We have a narcissist president who cannot admit, probably even to himself, that his policies have encouraged, then | Read More »

    Explaining Trump

    Several of my Democratic friends have asked for an explanation of the Trump phenomenon, some even offering insights from their normal sources of political wisdom such as the New Yorker (The Republican Class War: In 2016, will conservatives finally face the realities of inequality?) and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams (How to Spot a Wizard).  Some of the questions represent real seeking of understanding; others are | Read More »

    Paul Ryan’s Decisive Speech

      Dateline: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 Rarely has a presidential election turned so decisively on one speech, much less one by somebody other than the candidates. For posterity, I will include that speech by House Speaker in its entirety: “Thank you Donald (or Ben, or Jeb, or Marco, or … it didn’t matter) for inviting me to join you in Columbus on this beautiful October | Read More »

    The Benefit of Clarity

    Clarity is good. Joe Biden is gone. Bernie Sanders  is apparently satisfied with his 15 minutes of fame, choosing not to attack Hillary’s e-mail vulnerability. The Obama Justice Department won’t indict Hillary after got nothing.  Republicans can focus their 2016 plans on the certainty that Hillary will be the opponent. Some conjecture: Hillary’s EFF campaign is based on Experience (First Lady of Arkansas; First Lady of the | Read More »

    Saving Chairman Ryan

    , , and must look at with envy and admiration. With a 257 to 178 majority after the 2008 election, Pelosi was able to pass the Stimulus Plan and Obamacare; with a 247 to 188 majority after the 2014 election the Republicans are barely able to elect a leader. Some of this is due to the recalcitrance of the 40 member Freedom Caucus, but other factors | Read More »

    Hillary’s Enduring Benghazi Problem

    Well, it is nice to have the Democratic presidential debate season over. If there were any doubt, Hillary will be the nominee unless she is indicted (kicking in Plan B – Joe Biden). So, what lies ahead? Hillary’s October 22 appearance before the House Select Committee on Benghazi will offer the best and last opportunity to get the Secretary’s answers surrounding the attack at the | Read More »

    The Republican Field: Prioritizing National Security

    The recent California Republican Party convention featured foreign policy presentations by , the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and John Bolton, George W Bush’s Ambassador to the United Nations. Both discussed the mess that is Syria, Russian resurgence, the “no strategy” confrontation with ISIS, and the Iranian nuclear agreement. Both concluded that strong, competent foreign policy leadership must be the the first requirement | Read More »