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    Obama / Putin / Assad: Act II

    Back in 2012 Vladimir Putin pulled Barack Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire in Syria by orchestrating a partial turnover of Syria’s chemical weapons to the UN after Obama had declared a “red line” if they were used, Assad’s troops deployed chlorine and sarin gas anyway, and Obama was unwilling or unable to respond. Russia’s current call for direct US-Russian military talks on Syria represent | Read More »

    The Anti-Establishment Mood: Some Conjecture

    Rasmussen’s “right track-wrong track” voter attitude question has been trending downward to its current 68% wrong track level and the presidential candidates anointed by the major political parties are being rejected by the grass roots. How can this be when the economy has been trending upward for seven years, the official unemployment rate is down to 5.1%, and there are no Americans dying in foreign | Read More »

    Hillary’s e-Mails: An Intelligence Perspective

    The Barack Obama / Hillary Clinton years have indisputably been the worst for the American Intelligence community at least since the Office of Strategic Services was created in 1942 – the 2010 WikiLeaks release of thousands of State Department communications; Edward Snowden’s 2013 exposure of the gruesome details of NSA surveillance programs; the decision (apparently made by President Obama) to not come to the aid | Read More »

    Iran: A Sober View

    Within hours of last week’s Iran nuclear deal the Left-wing Democrats, the Israel lobby, and the Obama-haters had all expressed their studied conclusions. Realistically, it will take a few months to understand whether we should be praising Barack Obama and John Kerry (no matter how much we may dislike their politics) or comparing them to “peace in our time” Neville Chamberlain. For better or worse, | Read More »

    2016: The Known Knowns

    Between now and November of 2016 a couple of billion dollars will be spent to convince American voters that one party of the other has the answers – or at least that they have the questions. Most will be wasted – not because advertising doesn’t work, campaigns and candidates are unimportant, or 21st Century Get Out the Vote techniques are lacking. To the likely benefit | Read More »

    San Francisco: Sanctuary City – A Background

    Politicians pander … and in a jurisdiction where there is one overwhelmingly dominant party, they pander to the extreme. While San Francisco is probably the “worst case” example of ideology run amuk, it is clear that San Francisco’s leaders consider themselves above the national law, and that reform will not happen without outside intervention. The facts of the nationally famous case are largely undisputed: – An | Read More »

    2016: The Economy Factor

    The financial pages are full of discussion about the first half of the year – how the different stock, bond, and real estate markets are doing; whether the economy is strong enough for the Fed to move toward a more normal interest rate environment; how world events are impacting the economy.  Let’s put the discussion in the context of the 2016 presidential election. First, some | Read More »

    Greece: Exit Stage Left

    Long before there was a Rome, a Frankish kingdom in Paris, Anglo-Saxon rulers in England, or a Prussia, there was Greece: Aristotle and Plato; the Iliad and the Odyssey; Auschylus, Sophocles, and Euripedes; the victories over the Persians at Marathon and Priam’s kingdom at Troy. How could there be a Europe without Greece?  Well, everything can get stretched to its breaking point and some lessons | Read More »

    Drones v Gitmo

    One of the many benefits of eventually turning the page on the Obama presidency in favor of a Republican leader would be an end to the bizarre impasse between national security hawks and the “progressive” left over the treatment of international terrorist leaders. At issue: Republicans have blocked civilian trials for the remaining “prisoners of war” being held at Guantanamo; the administration prefers to release | Read More »

    Hillary’s Four Dwarfs

    Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum. Despite odds worse than The Donald on the Republican side, Martin O’Mally, Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chaffee, and (probably) Jim Webb are running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Their egos demand it. The grass roots Democrats who want something to do other than watch the Republicans for the next 12 months demand it. The media who need something to talk about | Read More »