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    Immigration: A Global View

    The second decade of the 21st century has seen a surge in controversies about immigration. There are some lessons to be learned. The highlights: – At least 25,000 Rohingya – an impoverished and persecuted Muslim minority of about one million in Buddhist Myanmar (formerly Burma) – have fled by sea to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, with thousands dying at sea or in smuggler camps. At | Read More »

    Culling the Republican Presidential Herd

    With the first Republican presidential debate scheduled for August 6, the great sorting is about to begin. The Republican National Committee set the schedule at 12 sanctioned debates (as opposed to 27 various forums for 2012), leaving it to the media sponsors to determine how many candidates to invite. The first sponsor, Fox News, will thankfully take a step toward cutting the mushrooming field in | Read More »

    Jeb’s Iraq Fumble

    Jeb Bush’s recent fumble of Meghan Kelly’s query of whether, “knowing what was known at the time, would you have invaded Iraq” was discouraging for the content – “yes”,  “I didn’t understand the question”, “I love my brother” – but more for his failure to preempt the obvious line of eventual Democratic attack with a concise, but complete policy statement. What would that look like? | Read More »

    Rand Paul in TechLand

    This past weekend opened a small office at an incubator in a gritty neighborhood in the center of San Francisco, and spent an hour with a crowd of about 100 giving a short stump speech and answering questions from San Francisco Chronicle political reporter Carla Marinucci and a representative of one of the event organizers. The sponsors were Brigade (a nascent social network company devoted to voter | Read More »

    Reflections on the British Election

    For the past 70 years of “Pax Americana”, in its contest with the Soviet Union and China the United States has had a circle of close supporters and allies – Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and perhaps France.  We owe our view of the relationship between government and the people – and our American constitution – to the British thinking which evolved from the Magna | Read More »

    Hillary’s Prospects: How Cynical Are We?

    Bret Stephens recently wrote a troublingly insightful column in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Hillary’s Cynical Song of Self”.  His premise is that everybody understands her moral bankruptcy – Whitewater; acceptance of Bill’s womanizing;  Benghazi; the Clinton Foundation; her e-mails – but that it is accepted for expediency – by the Democrats because she is the only one who can win; perhaps by the public in general because we have no | Read More »

    Ready for Carly

    In the 2016 presidential election the Democrats are betting everything on one candidate whose only real selling point is that she is a woman. The crowded Republican field which will dominate national politics for the next 19 months solved its ideological, ethnic, generational, and geographic diversity problems, but the gender problem remained. Enter the antidote – Carly Fiorina. The advantages: – Fiorina is not the Party’s spokesman, and in all likelihood will not be. She can | Read More »

    It’s Still the Economy, Stupid!

    Back during the George HW Bush recession in 1992, Clinton campaign strategist James Carville coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” which has forever since been a major underlying consideration in any national campaign. With ISIS videos, Iranian nuclear ambitions, Benghazi, and a former Secretary of State running, the 2016 campaign promises to have a greater than usual foreign policy component, but Carville’s admonition that people vote on the | Read More »

    Hillary: In Search of a Case

    Any serious presidential candidate needs to be able to make a simple case as to why their party should nominate them and what they would offer the electorate as a president. Mitt Romney had demonstrated mastery of the economic system; can broaden the appeal of the Republican party by bringing in younger voters and libertarians; Scott Walker had demonstrated that he can win contested elections; | Read More »

    Obama/Kerry:Peace In Our Time

    These are dangerous times. Politics and polling aside, we are seeing the end game of the Obama administration’s policy of withdrawal from the Middle East. Unlike Obama’s domestic legacy, Obamacare, which can be absorbed and corrected over time, the administration’s attempt to restructure the balance of power in the Middle East – away from our traditional allies in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, and toward | Read More »