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    The Great California Drought

    Before She rested on the seventh day, God created the Sierra Nevada mountains to catch a bountiful winter rain and snowfall, and a vast fertile but arid valley to the

    The Morality of Obama’s Wagon

    Dinesh D’Souza, conservative intellectual and producer of 2016: Obama’s America, recently commented on the inverted morality of praising those who are “sitting in the wagon” and demonizing those who are “pulling the wagon”. (See

    The Sunni Jihadist Rebirth

    The most important news in the past week was not the humiliation of Peyton Manning, the arrest of a leading Bitcoin entrepreneur, or the drug death of another Hollywood celebrity;

    Inequality: the Obama Legacy

    The State of the Union speech really had two messages: 1. We are faced with three years of a lame duck. President Obama will not try to work with Congress and has no

    Designing the Ideal Presidential Candidate

    There is a truism in consumer product marketing that it is easier to find out what people want and make it for them than to make what you want to make and

    President Obama’s “Power of the Pen”

    Since the Republicans took over the House in 2010, there has been much talk about gridlock. In fact, the role of Harry Reid has been to prevent House bills from

    Generational Politics

    Over the holidays there were many opportunities – with kids, friends’ kids, and even grandkids – to reflect on the differences of political views between generations. Winston Churchill’s famous aphorism - “Show

    Hillary’s State Department Resume

    Hillary’s State Department Resume     New Year’s Resolution # 1 – No Hillary posts until something really happens. Just this one exception (kind of like the resolution about creme brule.) The

    President Obama’s Constitution

    In the broad arc of American history the Obamacare episode will be known not so much for its incompetence and deceipt or its near destruction of the world’s best health care system as

    In Praise of the Republican House

    Polls are confusing when they are intended to form opinion rather than to reflect it. Take the favorability ratings of Congress – 9% according to Gallup, the lowest since polling