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    Hillary: Present at the Destruction

    Just a few months ago the “Inevitable Hillary” was struggling to identify any accomplishments during her tenure as Secretary of State. Those were the Good Old Days for Campaign Hillary. Back in 1969 Dean Acheson wrote a book titled “Present at the Creation: My Years in the State Department” about his role as an architect of the post – World War II international structure. The Marshall Plan | Read More »

    The Obama Legacy

    The heightening competition to be the site of the Barack Obama Presidential Library highlights the fact that the administration is winding down, sycophants like the Huffington Post and Chuck Todd believe that the administration is over, and that major supporters are thinking about the legacy. The library itself will be interesting – not much about the “early years” or the mentors except for the autobiographies sold | Read More »

    The Obama Caliphate

    The dam is breaking. Islamic militants intent on establishing a fundamentalist Sunni government incorporating large swaths of Syria and Iraq – the core of the ancient Islamic empire – are rapidly filling the void created by the Obama administration’s policy to cease being the world’s policeman. Republicans complain that Obama passed on the chance to support secular opposition to Assad in Syria, allowing the radicals to recruit and develop a | Read More »

    California Republicans: Rebuilding the Bench

    When Jim Brulte and Harmeet Dhillon assumed control of the California Republican Party in 2013 times were bleak. The Party was significantly in debt; all of the state-wide offices were held by Democrats; Democrats were on the verge of enjoying super-majorities in the state Senate and Assembly; the conventional wisdom was that Hispanic demographics would make the GOP permanently irrelevant. But, in life nothing is inevitable, and | Read More »

    Ukraine and Afghanistan: A Tale of Four Presidents

    Somewhere in academia – maybe at Georgetown; maybe at the Sorbonne – a professor is taking notes for her next class of aspiring diplomats. Case studies are the mainstay of business and law schools; this week’s events in Afghanistan and Ukraine offer great sharply contrasating case studies for those aspiring to careers guiding their nations to peaceful resolution of thorny problems. Consider Ukraine: – The western media and the | Read More »

    San Francisco’s War on Car Owners

    We’ve got a conundrum out here on the Left Coast. San Francisco is flooded with money for billion dollar transportation projects (partly as a result of our Representative, Nancy Pelosi guiding the 2009 Stimulus Plan) – the problematic Bay Bridge; the billion-dollar-a-mile Central Subway; the new approach to the Golden Gate Bridge; the new Transbay Terminal to receive High Speed Rail (?) But we also have | Read More »

    The Winning Campaign Theme: Executive Competence

    As Republicans jockey for the pole position for 2016 there are many potential distinguishing factors: moderate or conservative; grass roots or establishment; male or female; Anglo, Hispanic, or something else; Midwest, Southern, Northeast, or West. All of that misses the winning theme – the electorate was twice willing to go with Barack Obama who had no executive experience but offered a feel good opportunity. In 2016 the Democrats | Read More »

    Ukraine: The Way Out

    In Ukraine we see the continuation of an Obama administration pattern that we saw in Libya, Egypt, and Syria – encouragement of crowds to replace the sitting government without a good understanding of who the players were or a plan for what was to follow. The first three were not strategically important to the West, but in Ukraine we are dealing with Vladimir Putin and a resurgent Russia. The | Read More »

    Hillary’s “Accomplishments”: The Better Question

    The question being asked in the blogosphere and occasionally in a press conference is what Hillary actually accomplished during her “frequent flyer” tenure at State. The official Foggy Bottom response – the press office couldn’t think of anything. In her own words, the best that she has been able to come up with is “setting the values and standards.” The better question is: to what extent is Hillary | Read More »

    The Rewards for Supporting Obama

    In any contest – a basketball game, a business deal, a military battle, a political campaign – it is occasionally useful to reflect on how things must look from the other guy’s point of view. In politics one has to work through the puff pieces, the propaganda, and the confusing mounds of data and opinion, but it is still useful to think about President Obama’s | Read More »