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    Maybe it is a lingering reaction to the surprise loss of Mitt Romney in 2012. Maybe it is a suppressed memory of the Democratic near-sweep of contested Senate seats in 2008. Maybe it is fear of Charlie Brown-like disappoint after six years of Barack Obama and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 11%. Despite all of the good signs, there is still plenty of | Read More »

    Income Inequality

    With interest rates remaining near zero and bond buying coming to an end, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen recently had the time to reflect on income inequality in America, citing the increase in the portion of accumulated wealth held by the top 5 % from 54% in 1989 to 63 % in 2013.  This follows several months of adoring articles about French economist Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital in | Read More »

    Beyond Obamacare: The Evolving Biotech Age

    Premise: The age from about 1910 (Henry Ford) to 1969 (moon landing) contained astonishing advances in transportation. The age from about 1969 (ARPAnet)  through 1980 (Apple II), 1998 (Google) and 2004 (Facebook) contained astonishing advances in information technology. The age beginning  in the late 20th century with DNA mapping and the decoding of the human genome offers a third, likely just beginning, age of astonishing technological advance. All | Read More »

    November 5 : What’s the Plan?

    Back in 1994 the American public knew that if they voted for Republicans for Congress they would get Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey’s Contract with America. They did; and they did. Two years into the Clinton administration the Republicans gained 54 House seats, 9 Senate seats, and control of both houses. The Republican House passed all of the promised legislation. Much, particularly a balanced budget amendment and term | Read More »

    November 4: A Building Wave

    After the terrible disappointment of the 2012 Presidential race, one is reluctant to let one’s expectations get too far out in front of the calendar. Reporters want things to be close and uncertain so that you will remain tuned in. Campaign managers want things to be close to wring that final $10 donation out of you. Nevertheless, absentee voting has already begun and much is | Read More »

    Confronting Radical Islam: Key Allies

    President Obama’s Middle East policy is imploding, a spasm of activity seems to be disconnected from specific objectives, and we are assured that the deployment of an Army division headquarters to Iraq does not constitute “boots on the ground.”  Egypt wants him to expand the fight against ISIS to include Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. Others point to Boko Haram in Nigeria and an al Queda splinter group | Read More »

    ISIS: The Three Questions

    To understand the war against ISIS, it is best to separate the discussion into three parts: 1. Is President Obama’s strategy logical? 2. Can Team Obama execute the strategy? 3. Can the American political class provide the long term support necessary? 1. Is President Obama’s strategy logical?     In a nutshell, the strategy is to engage a broad coalition, rely primarily on indigenous ground forces in Iraq and | Read More »

    Education: Think Globally; Act Locally

    In assessing America’s international competitiveness, many experts would give us good marks for having deep capital markets, high entrepreneurship, and a “best in class” university system. That is why people come here to invest, start a (particularly tech) business, and get a college or post-graduate education. On the other hand, the United States is well down the international ranks in terms of the business tax code and K-12 | Read More »

    Putin’s Poodle

    Back in the 80’s Margaret Thatcher’s critics in the Labor Party referred to the British Prime Minister as “Reagan’s Poodle”. The two conservative icons sometimes disagreed during their largely overlapping and transformative times in office (economic sanctions against Russia; “Star Wars”), but generally believed in a “special relationship” between the United States and Britain as well as parallel domestic and foreign policy strategies. Both confronted labor; both favored a | Read More »

    President Obama’s “Peace For Our Time” Moment

    For those who have studied the history of the 20th Century, 2014 is feeling a lot like 1938, when Neville Chamberlain returned to London from Munich waving a treaty he signed with Hitler ceding Czechoslovakia to Germany, and declared “Peace for Our Time”.  That was 13 years after the publication of Hitler’s plan for Europe in Mein Kampf, two weeks before the Kristillnacht rampage against Jewish synagogues | Read More »