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    Governors: The Republican Farm Team

    More and more, one hears the acknowledgement that Barack Obama was not prepared to be president. For a liberal, that is a way of avoiding discussion about his failures being due to his basic qualifications or his policies, but it is a large truth that deserves some examination. What is it that Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton learned as governors? Let’s look at a few dimensions | Read More »

    The Lame Duck: Looming Changes

    For the past six years leftist progressive and labor-oriented centrist Democrats have been united behind Barack Obama who has had no interest in working with the Republicans, and only slightly more in working with his own party. Without a clear party leader, the Republican Establishment and the Tea Party factions have filled most of the public’s appetite for stories of political infighting.  The Lame Duck years of | Read More »

    Leading From Behind: Lessons from Gaza

    First, this posting is about American policy, not an apology or condemnation of Israel. For the optimists among us, the best path would seem to be the deal nearly brokered between Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat, and Ehud Barack in late 2000 –  Gaza and most of the West Bank to the Palestinians, a divided Jerusalem, and a greatly reduced “right of return” for Palestinian refugees. That was a | Read More »

    Contemplating Elizabeth Warren

    Premise: For 2016, the Democratic establishment has decided to go with the old, white woman with the ugly daughter and philandering husband, who played a major role in ending Pax Americana, and who has ammassed a modest fortune by giving speeches to Corporate sponsors. For the progressive Left who exulted in making history by electing an African American president, all of the significant Hispanic and Asian politicians | Read More »

    Civic Action: A San Francisco Success Story in the Making

    On July 7, the Restore Transportation Balance initiative submitted over 17,500 signatures to qualify for the November ballot in San Francisco. While the initiative is local, there are lessons to be learned by any group facing government overreach. 1. Address an issue which affects the real lives of a majority of the voters. In any jusisdiction dominated by one party or ideology there are inevitably policies which | Read More »

    Dinesh D’Souza’s Alternative Narrative

    This week’s essay is a departure from the norm. On Wednesday I attended a screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s “America: Imagine A World Without Her” followed by a Q & A with the author/producer in San Francisco. The documentary itself and the reaction to it are worth several comments. First, some brief background: – Since college days at Dartmouth D’Souza has been a friend of Harmeet Dhillon, the SF GOP | Read More »

    Hillary: Present at the Destruction

    Just a few months ago the “Inevitable Hillary” was struggling to identify any accomplishments during her tenure as Secretary of State. Those were the Good Old Days for Campaign Hillary. Back in 1969 Dean Acheson wrote a book titled “Present at the Creation: My Years in the State Department” about his role as an architect of the post – World War II international structure. The Marshall Plan | Read More »

    The Obama Legacy

    The heightening competition to be the site of the Barack Obama Presidential Library highlights the fact that the administration is winding down, sycophants like the Huffington Post and Chuck Todd believe that the administration is over, and that major supporters are thinking about the legacy. The library itself will be interesting – not much about the “early years” or the mentors except for the autobiographies sold | Read More »

    The Obama Caliphate

    The dam is breaking. Islamic militants intent on establishing a fundamentalist Sunni government incorporating large swaths of Syria and Iraq – the core of the ancient Islamic empire – are rapidly filling the void created by the Obama administration’s policy to cease being the world’s policeman. Republicans complain that Obama passed on the chance to support secular opposition to Assad in Syria, allowing the radicals to recruit and develop a | Read More »

    California Republicans: Rebuilding the Bench

    When Jim Brulte and Harmeet Dhillon assumed control of the California Republican Party in 2013 times were bleak. The Party was significantly in debt; all of the state-wide offices were held by Democrats; Democrats were on the verge of enjoying super-majorities in the state Senate and Assembly; the conventional wisdom was that Hispanic demographics would make the GOP permanently irrelevant. But, in life nothing is inevitable, and | Read More »