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    Rand Paul’s Filibuster: A Perspective

    A president has to trust the common sense of the American people. On the small stuff the people, wanting  to have faith in the president, will give him wide berth.

    Obama’s Evolving Sequester Strategy

    President Obama’s sequester strategy has progressed through several phases: 1. Stand fast with his base in refusing any change to entitlement programs and demanding further tax increases on the rich

    The Military Sequester: Making Lemonade

    Every year or so I write a piece that offends many of my friends. This is the one for 2013. We do not need to spend nearly as much on

    Immigration: Policy and Politics

    We will have comprehensive immigration reform within the next few months. The Republicans need it to survive. The Democrats cannot again stiff the demographic which gave Obama a plurality of

    The Willful Ignorance of Bubbles

    As in finance, political bubbles are characterized by willful ignorance followed by excess, a painful burst, and broad recognition that we should have seen it coming. (We pundits often claim

    Karl Rove RIP

    OK, so Karl Rove can raise millions more to start another PAC to: Option A. Develop databases, software, and field offices to match Barack Obama’s vaunted permanent campaign organization which

    Benghazi to Mali: Connecting the Dots

    In his inaugural address President Obama included much that people want to believe, including: “This generation of Americans has been tested by crises that steeled our resolve  and proved our

    Shining a Light on the Senate

    Praise be !!!   In military terms, it is a flanking move.  With the President hardly mentioning ongoing extraordinary unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, and bankrupt entitlement programs while throwing down the

    Whither the Tea Party?

    Recent polling shows that just 8% of voters now consider themselves to be Tea Party members, down from 24% shortly after the passage of Obamacare. Peggy Lee’s 1969 classic “Is

    Building From The Bottom

    This week’s post is offered amid the ongoing pall of disappointment (find a stronger word – ed.)with the election and the fiscal cliff. Foremost: think globally; act locally. Some friends