You Didn’t Build That!

    Once upon a time, the President made a speech belittling business owners, the people who create the real wealth in our country.  He was appealing to his rabid, emptyheaded base, in the hope that their stupidity and everyone else’s apathy would be enough to turn the tide of the election.  Sherman, turn the Way-Back Machine to 2012 and let’s have a look at what the | Read More »

    The Corps and The Presidential Inferiority Complex

      Disclaimer: I am a former Marine. My views on the Marine Corps are not meant as a boost to myself, but rather, my love for the Corps as a whole, and undying respect for men and women far, far better than I who have served their country as Marines. It’s a great honor to be counted among them, though I consider myself among the | Read More »

    Origin Oil: A Tale of Green Energy

    The Green Energy Panacea is here, or so the folks at Origin Oil told me in their website back in 2009 or so. I first saw the company mentioned in Time Magazine, in one of those “breakthrough technology” pieces they run every so often. I was intrigued by the idea; oil from algae, easily grown, processed, and refined, decentralizing energy production and giving  just about | Read More »

    My Email exchange with Senator Angus King

    Senator King is supposedly an independent. That might be true; he doesn’t officially belong to any party, but his response to my letter exhorting him to stand with Senator Mike Lee leaves little doubt as to where his loyalties lie. Dear Michael, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Affordable Care Act. I was not here when the law was passed, but would have | Read More »

    Police as “Soldiers” – 3rd Amendment Suit

    I’m not a lawyer, I don’t play one on television, and I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn last night. Nevertheless, I can still say that if this report is accurate, the police egregiously violated the rights of the people involved.   According to the complaint, it all began when the Henderson city police called Anthony Mitchell that morning to say they needed his house | Read More »

    Thinking Outside the Man-Cave

    Scandals in the Obama administration popping up so fast that the mainstream media simply doesn’t have the manpower to ignore them all. Most of these scandals are indicative of the culture of unprecedented incompetence, corruption, and vindictiveness, and every American whose IQ is larger than the screen size of their phone ought to be sharpening the pitchforks and getting the torches ready for the next | Read More »

    Progressive Cognitive Disorder

    After some careful thought, I have come to the conclusion that progressives suffer from a legitimate form of mental illness. While it is tempting to simply write them off as loons, crazies, and nutcases, I think it is worthwhile to probe a little deeper into the progressive mind and attempt to isolate the source of progressive thinking. Finding the basic cognitive flaw that gives rise | Read More »

    The Ground Game

    I’m curious about the idea of a “ground game” in these elections. Here’s my dilemma: A a citizen of the United States, we have a civic duty to explore the issues, weigh the facts, and come to a conclusion based on what we believe will be the best course for our city, state, or country. We then go to the polls and choose a person | Read More »


    The President of the United States has always been adept at taking credit where none is due and shifting blame to those who don’t deserve it. Some might call it a valuable survival skill in the political pirhana tank that is Washington, D.C., but he has taken it beyond the average, run of the mill shiftiness one might expect from sitting for too long in | Read More »

    When is a Biography Not a Biography?

    It’s not a Lewis Carroll riddle, though in the hands of Obama’s chief fantasist David Axlerod, it rivals Carroll’s ravens-and-writing-desks nonsense (Carroll admitted that his famous riddle originally had no answer), and in many ways surpasses it. To be fair, Lewis Carroll was writing a story for children, a whimsical, foray into a wonderland that, though it seemed strange and odd to Alice, did adhere | Read More »