Police as “Soldiers” – 3rd Amendment Suit

    I’m not a lawyer, I don’t play one on television, and I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn last night. Nevertheless, I can still say that if this report is accurate, the police egregiously violated the rights of the people involved.   According to the complaint, it all began when the Henderson city police called Anthony Mitchell that morning to say they needed his house | Read More »

    Thinking Outside the Man-Cave

    Scandals in the Obama administration popping up so fast that the mainstream media simply doesn’t have the manpower to ignore them all. Most of these scandals are indicative of the culture of unprecedented incompetence, corruption, and vindictiveness, and every American whose IQ is larger than the screen size of their phone ought to be sharpening the pitchforks and getting the torches ready for the next | Read More »

    Progressive Cognitive Disorder

    After some careful thought, I have come to the conclusion that progressives suffer from a legitimate form of mental illness. While it is tempting to simply write them off as loons, crazies, and nutcases, I think it is worthwhile to probe a little deeper into the progressive mind and attempt to isolate the source of progressive thinking. Finding the basic cognitive flaw that gives rise | Read More »

    The Ground Game

    I’m curious about the idea of a “ground game” in these elections. Here’s my dilemma: A a citizen of the United States, we have a civic duty to explore the issues, weigh the facts, and come to a conclusion based on what we believe will be the best course for our city, state, or country. We then go to the polls and choose a person | Read More »


    The President of the United States has always been adept at taking credit where none is due and shifting blame to those who don’t deserve it. Some might call it a valuable survival skill in the political pirhana tank that is Washington, D.C., but he has taken it beyond the average, run of the mill shiftiness one might expect from sitting for too long in | Read More »

    When is a Biography Not a Biography?

    It’s not a Lewis Carroll riddle, though in the hands of Obama’s chief fantasist David Axlerod, it rivals Carroll’s ravens-and-writing-desks nonsense (Carroll admitted that his famous riddle originally had no answer), and in many ways surpasses it. To be fair, Lewis Carroll was writing a story for children, a whimsical, foray into a wonderland that, though it seemed strange and odd to Alice, did adhere | Read More »

    Coffee with Joe

    Is it all right if I call the Vice President of the United States “Joe”?  Out of respect for the office that John Adams once called “the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived,” I would say, “no, we should refer to Joe as “Mr. Vice President,” or perhaps “Mr. Vice.” However, in his recent fundraising email to | Read More »

    The Fundraising Zone

    Separating people from their money is no easy task, which is why the Wise Leaders of Yesteryear dreamed up payroll deductions and everyone’s favorite government agency, the Internal Revenue Service. These workhorses of government take the stress out of fleecing people by making sure the people never see the money they rightfully earned in the first place. It has worked so well for the last | Read More »

    Sally Kohn’s Deep Thoughts

    In Fox’s Opinion section today, Sally Kohn penned an article entitled “Government Helps You-Whether You Like It Or Not.” The title alone is proof positive that the occasional liberal viewpoint appears on Fox News. A quick read of the article confirms what most RedStaters probably surmised before getting through the first paragraph-that the author has trotted out the same tired, inaccurate slop that attempts to | Read More »

    Dr. Ablow and the Wisdom of Cameron Diaz

    Marriage is dying! So says marriage expert Cameron Diaz: “I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer.” Read more: First of all, Hollywood entertainers live in a financially insulated bubble-world which operates very similar to a fishbowl. Their wealth creates a situation very similar to the glass bowl that shelters many | Read More »