Sally Kohn’s Deep Thoughts

    In Fox’s Opinion section today, Sally Kohn penned an article entitled “Government Helps You-Whether You Like It Or Not.” The title alone is proof positive that the occasional liberal viewpoint appears on Fox News. A quick read of the article confirms what most RedStaters probably surmised before getting through the first paragraph-that the author has trotted out the same tired, inaccurate slop that attempts to | Read More »

    Dr. Ablow and the Wisdom of Cameron Diaz

    Marriage is dying! So says marriage expert Cameron Diaz: “I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer.” Read more: First of all, Hollywood entertainers live in a financially insulated bubble-world which operates very similar to a fishbowl. Their wealth creates a situation very similar to the glass bowl that shelters many | Read More »

    The Folly of “Economic Fairness”

    In his April 14th column, Washington Post writer Steven Pearlstein attacks the Republican approach to the debate, claiming that the Republicans refuse to engage on the subject of “economic fairness”. He writes: “One of the more comical features of the budget debate is to watch the ways in which Republicans refuse to engage on the issue of economic fairness.” The column can be found here: | Read More »

    RS Diary used in C4L email

    I don’t know how interesting this is, but it caught my eye and I thought I’d pass it on to RedState’s readers. A Campaign For Liberty e-mail sent out on February 19th contains an excerpt from a diary by Neil Stevens. Here’s the quote from the email: CPAC 2011 demonstrated clearly that our numbers are growing and young people are rising up in great numbers | Read More »

    HHS “Study” A Shameless Ploy

    Just in the nick of time, HHS vindicates the necessity of Obamacare with a carefully conducted study that tends to support the need for heavy-handed government regulations on insurance companies. I think Fox’s Dr. Manny sums up the study better than I could: “To offer up such a high number is a harsh lie — that’s a made up number. There’s no way to come | Read More »

    Goodbye, Maj. Winters

    Today we lost a great American, one to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude that can never really be repaid. Richard Winters served his country, and indeed, the world, leading men in combat while wanting nothing more than to live in peace. Larry Alexander, author of “Biggest Brother”, writes: “Dick Winters is an American success story; a humble man, coming as he | Read More »

    McConnell’s Christmas Miracle?

    Here’s a quote from column, written by someone named Strassel, in the Wall Street Journal: That didn’t happen, but only because Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell accomplished a mini Christmas miracle. The Kentuckian devoted yesterday to making the arguments—both principled and political—to the Spending Nine. He was ultimately persuasive enough, and the earmarkers wise enough, to pull back their support. A very unhappy Mr. Reid | Read More »

    Commander in Chief?

    From the Bangor Daily News: PORTLAND, Maine — The Maine Republican who made headlines with his “go to hell” remark aimed at President Barack Obama says he’s looking forward to meeting his commander in chief on Thursday. His commander in chief? That sounded a little fishy, so I went back and reread Article II of the Constitution. It does indicate that the President of the | Read More »

    Rasmussen Column in WSJ Mr. Rasumssen brings up a number of very good points about the election. His projections match what we’ve been hearing from the pundits for the past few weeks. However, Mr. Rasmussen believes that the coming GOP wave isn’t a vote for Republicans, but a vote against Democrats. Essentially, it comes down to changing the mindset of the people elected to public office. As soon | Read More »

    No Ordinary Election

    This is no ordinary election. Maine, and indeed, all of America, is faced with a choice. It’s ostensibly a choice between two candidates in most cases, but the names on the ballot are merely the visible choice, the one the pundits and the anchorpeople will earn their money discussing until the early hours of November 3rd. As important is it is to vote, it is | Read More »