Dr. Dalrymple’s Genius

    As a disclaimer, I think that Dr. Theodore Dalrymple possesses one of the most important and insightful minds in all of conservadom. He’s one of five men whom immediately command my attention whenever I discover that they have authored a new article or essay. I’ve read most of what this retired English psychiatrist has written since 2001 due to my having a subscription to The | Read More »


    The Apex Fallacy

    I have conducted scores of interviews since 2003, but rarely did one alter my worldview. Yet that was precisely what occurred during my exchange with Dr. Helen Smith. Her answer to my second question led to my coming up with a new term for the fallacious way by which feminists comprehend the nature of our social structure. The phrase “Apex Fallacy” sprung to mind as | Read More »


    In the past I’ve addressed the matter of chivalry, but never in a fully satisfactory manner. I decided to take up the matter today. The full scope of my new commentary can be seen here. It’s essential that we address the topic again…and again as the situation of modern man has not changed. Equality and Chivalry cannot coexist in a just society, in my view. | Read More »

    Michael Moore’s New Film

    I put together some thoughts on Michael Moore’s new film. Believe me, I’m not recommending it, lol. In Slacker Uprising Michael Moore sings a song to himself and the tune is both false and aggrandizing, but you won’t find any real slackers rising here. This film is all about Michael Moore and his narcissism which he exhales with every gargantuan shuffle. This is a rich | Read More »

    Joe Biden: Scourge of Man

    Here’s an installment of Chapin’s INFERNOwherein I outline Joe Biden and his links to pernicious feminism…he is The Scourge of Man. His iron clad connection with totalitarian harridans is yet another, in a multitude, of reasons why voters should reject the Democratic Party this November.

    Charles Murray Interview

    My father always said that anyone who lived through John F. Kennedy’s assassination remembers what they were doing at the precise moment the president was shot. This may well be true, but we also lucidly recall the circumstances of far lesser events such as the controversy surrounding the publication of The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by Richard J. Herrnstein and | Read More »

    The Case Against Barack Obama

    [Overall, conservatives may get more mileage out of this one, but Dr. Corsi’s book is almost as good I felt.]

    What’s So Great About Dinesh D’Souza?

    For any Dinesh D’Souza fans out there (and there should be legions of them in my opinion) here’s an interview I did with him last winter concerning his last book. It was supposed to appear elsewhere but that fell through. His latest book What’s So Great About Christianity, should restore his status among conservatives. It is a meticulous and exquisite defense of both Christianity and | Read More »

    Come Fight the Left!

    As I commented in a blog yesterday, the leftist reaction to Dr. Jerome Corsi’s The Obama Nation has been absolutely hysterical. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. Over at amazon, where I myself posted a review and have posted reviews with regularity for practically five years, I sat and watched them tattoo the author with over 300 negative 1 Star entries in the course | Read More »

    The Obama Nation

    If you ever want to witness the difference between the political left and the political right please examine the reviews for Jerome Corsi’s new book The Obama Nation. It has been subjected to a bizarre campaign of 1 Star reviews over the course of the last two days. All of these reviews appear to be ideological in spirit and produced by radicals who have not | Read More »