Dueling Washington gun initiatives

    Washington voters will be presented with two firearms initiatives in November’s general election.  Initiative 591 reaffirms existing federal background checks. Initiative 594 is being sold as “universal background checks” for purchasing firearms. It is that, but it’s much more. Eighteen pages of red tape criminalizes such ordinary activities as loaning your hunting rifle to a friend or relative – unless you visit a gun dealer, | Read More »

    Armed School Guards

    This is an AP item from 9-Jan-2013 datelined Burien (WA). (Burien is SW of Seattle, near Seatac airport). Highline School District Superintendent Sue enfield said guns are not the answer to possible threats of violence in schools in the Burien area. She has proposed making the district a “gun free zone.” The district’s 20 armed guards would be disarmed. The teacher’s union said it will | Read More »

    Israeli PM Netanyahu in DC

    The bristling hostility of two meetings in two days between Netanyahu and BHO — without so much as a press release or photo op — makes me quite uneasy. It could just be a continuation of ongoing bilateral diplomatic spats, including Secty State HRC’s recent discordant trip to Israel. If so, we could each view that through different political lenses…but it would just be politics-as-usual | Read More »

    Healthcare “reform” and suppression of innovation

    To begin, the only reason I’m alive to write this diary is because I benefitted from high-tech medical innovation. In my case, it was computer-controlled 3D conformal, external x-ray therapy for recurrent prostate cancer. (BTW I’m happy to report nominal PSA values at five years and counting.) So continued medical innovation and I have an intense personal relationship. For that reason, one key reason that | Read More »

    Ebullience in Tripoli

    File the large and enthusiastic Libyan crowds welcoming Lockerbie bomber-terrorist Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi home after his “compassionate release” from prison in Scotland in the same folder with Palestinian dancing-in-the-streets euphoria after 9/11. I’m simply saying what I believe many others are thinking, but are inhibited by political correctness from expressing, that antipathy towards America* is pervasive in, at least, Arabic Islam. Multiple administrations | Read More »

    Prospective Burress punishment excessive

    I’m a hard-core Colts fan, admitting that Plaxico Burress’ dim-witted concealed-carry violation last Nov 29th isn’t deserving of a “minimum 2.5 year sentence.” Coverage here The guy had a just-expired CCW permit in Florida…albeit not a valid permit in NY. He did endanger others when he dropped the weapon, I admit, but in fact the only person actually injured was him. Quite aside from this legal | Read More »

    Notes from a TEA Party

    I attended a second TEA party demonstration in Bellingham (WA) — this one for two hours midday on Saturday the 4th. The volunteer coordinators had sign-up sheets and endeavored to get folks to “register” as they walked from parking areas to the event site on both sides of Guide Meridian, near Bellis Fair Mall.   I might have been paranoid enough to suspect dirty tricks with the | Read More »

    Timely technology?

    This airborne laser anti-missle system seems to be making good progress. Here’s some detail. Aloft over the Persian gulf, might this system neutralize the Iranian nuclear missle threat to Israel, and possibly to Europe? And aloft east of NoKor, might this system protect Japan? I’m unclear what kind of anti-missle system can protect SoKor, given the super-short missle flight times. Will the BHO administration snatch | Read More »


    Suicide in Washington State

    Perhaps you noticed that Washington voters approved Initiative-1000 in the general election just concluded. In 2009-Q1 I-1000 will establish a copy of Oregon’s “Death with Dignity” assisted suicide procedures here in Washington. The only hospital, and the largest health care provider, where I live in Whatcom County is Peace Health — a Catholic nonprofit organization headquartered, if memory serves, in Bellevue (WA). Peace Health just | Read More »

    Political syncopancy costs lives

    Inspired by the plaintiff’s bar, congressional Dems (and a few Republicans like Charles Grassley), began about five years ago to beat up the FDA regarding the perceived dangers of antidepressant use by adolescents. That always-risk-averse agency responded with a flurry of dire “black-box” warnings in the official labeling of virtually all modern antidepresssant prescription drugs. The politicians pointed with pride to what they had accomplished. | Read More »

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