Why I Didn’t Vote for Obama

    On Intellectual Redneck .Com: I’m more or less a one issue voter: character. John McCain earned his character the hard way — through parties at Annapolis, crashed planes, crashed marriage, crashed Keating scandal. Obama’s character is of recent vintage. He broke a promise to take public funding. He lied. Immanuel Kant says don’t lie. Even to save a friend from an ax murder. Even to | Read More »

    No More Grand Canals

    On Intellectual Redneck: Barack is going after the tax loopholers. Count me as one of them. I, like the Facebook guy, plan on never showing a profit to the IRS on my site. During the Sui Dynasty in China, six million men were “employed” to finish the 1000-mile Grand Canal. Men were at that time forced to work on the Canal for one month of their | Read More »

    Intellectual Redneck on Cuba (and Beisbol)

    In Cuba, they call it beisbol. Perhaps you’ve heard of Luis Tiant, Tony Perez, and Tony Oliva. Or Jose Contreras and Rafael Palmeiro. In recent years, Cuban greats like Livan and Orlando Hernandez have risked their lives to play in the most major of major leagues. Not where the money is, but where the freedom is. But Cuba itself has a lot to offer. We | Read More »

    Huck Must Be Busy

    Too busy to respond.  Too busy to send thank-you notes to contributors.  Same with his boy Tedisco?  Not impressed. Here’s what I wrote on Intellectual Redneck and Bloggers for Huckabee today, among other things: How do I know he’ll care about the littlest of helpless people, the newborns? If he cares more about a Fox show that isn’t that good. If he pursues a tax | Read More »

    God is Busy

    It’s Sunday, and God is busy. He pre-programmed Earth long ago. He gave us a wonderful gift called “free will.” And we are to be the wise trustees of this planet. He’s busy creating new galaxies and universes. You have to pray for the right things. Sometimes instead of wisdom, you need to pray for patience. Sometimes instead of praying for yourself, you need to | Read More »

    Cigarette Taxes Don’t Work

    On today’s Intellectual Redneck: Cigarette taxes will not curb tobacco use. As it becomes more of a status symbol, more kids will take up smoking. Cigarettes will also become the property of the rich, same as expensive cigars. Poor people will buy cheap cigarettes, cigars, and snuff. They will huddle outdoors in the cold, and workplace illnesses will continue to rise. More rich people will take | Read More »

    If We Conceded Gay Marriage, What Then?

    Well, there they go again.  I like to paraphrase Ronald Reagan and try to figure out how he’d respond to certain liberal arguments. Yet another English teacher has written a letter to one of the local papers here in Vermont, using somewhat tortured logic to make a constitutional argument for the gay marriage bill. How might Reagan respond? With patience. That in mind, I’ll do | Read More »

    There’s No “We” in Capitalism

    I’m a big believer in American exceptionalism. We’ve always had a great combination of the ability to pull together and value the individual. When it comes to the economy, we need to value the capabilities of the individual. Only rugged individualism will get us through it. In that sense, Hoover was right and FDR was wrong. There is no “we” in capitalism. There is in | Read More »


    Why McCain Lost and My Guy Will Win

    John McCain was tired. He was angry. And he was confused. But he had a good excuse. He was old, and he’d been half beaten to death. Mike Huckabee is none of those things. But the real model to learn from here is Ronald Reagan. Reagan was old too. But he was very much in touch with his faith. Did Vietnam strengthen McCain’s faith or | Read More »

    What “Archie the Republican Dog” Knows About Parenting

    Not much really. He’s been fixed. But he still likes to play! Unfortunately, he destroys his toys. Chews them to shreds. And I have to buy new ones. Except when I spend a lot of time playing with him and his toys. Then I don’t have to keep buying him toys. My cats fight all the time. I think one’s jealous that I spend too | Read More »