GOD help us…

As I sit here on this wonderful glorious day in the most generous, diverse and powerful country mankind has ever known I am truly amazed at the lack of leadership we have here. Our President has totally disgraced his office and his prominence by bowing to a Saudi king. Where is the outrage? Where is the so-called main stream media whose focus should be to report these types of mistakes? Instead our supposed unbiased media has deflected every negative moment in the already dismal Obama Presidency. How many more mistakes can they cover for him?  I’m sure the media has in the back of their mind that if his popularity fails. His policy’s would certainly fail because the folks would inform themselves more of his agenda. His agenda of course is to radicalize the American way. Remember the way Obama tranquilized his followers on the campaign trail. He is trying to do the same thing to the rest of the population by making them think its ok to rely so much on the government. Weather it is for healthcare or housing you must depend on us. That’s just not what this country is all about. I hope and pray that in 2010 and most importantly 2012 we as a country will be awake on Election Day.


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