Tim Kaine mentioned as possible nominee to succeed Jim Webb

MSNBC’s article announcing Senator Jim Webb’s retirement at the end of his single US Senate term includes speculation on who might run to replace Webb.  They mention Tim Kaine and then mention Tom Perriello, who was shellacked as he ran for reelection to the US House from Virginia.  As to Perriello, um, okay.  Not much to talk about there.   Usually a sitting or VOLUNTARILY retired House member tries to get a “promotion” to the US Senate.  A former US House member who was retired (or rather, shellacked) BY VOTERS trying to run for the US Senate when an incumbent member of his own party sees the writing on the wall is…..entertaining at most.

But there is much to talk about with Tim Kaine.  Kaine is currently the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, basically installed by Obama, as “leader” (anchor or sandbag might be a better term) of the Democrat Party.  Kaine replaced Howard Dean.  While Dean was grating and annoying, he did preside over Democrat successes in 2006 and 2008.  Kaine is also the previous governor of Virginia.  Virginia bars governors from seeking a consecutive second term.  They must sit out for at least one term before running again.

While state parties and organizations focused on the House, Senate, or governors are involved with elections, the DNC and RNC chairs ultimately are the “public face” of the party apparatus.  They at least figuratively preside over elections with national consequences….like 2010.

So, let’s see what Tim Kaine has presided over as Chairman of the Democrat National Committee:

  • The office he occupied, while he was seated and termed out, flipped to the Republican column in 2009
  • In deep blue New Jersey, the governor’s office flipped to a Republican in 2009, shellacking the incumbent Democrat
  • Nancy Pelosi as Speaker was severely shellacked, losing her coveted Speaker’s perch…and the big gavel!
  • Republicans gained over 60 seats in the US House and greatly reduced Harry Reid’s majority in the US Senate
  • Obnoxious loudmouth Democrat Florida Congressman Alan Grayson was soundly defeated
  • Long time Senator Russ Feingold, of very blue Wisconsin, lost
  • Long time Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas (a state which votes for Democrats in most races other than the presidential race) lost
  • North Dakota’s longtime Democrat held Senate seat flipped to the Republican column
  • Pennsylvania’s brief Democrat held US Senate seat flipped back to the Republican column (despite it being occupied by a RINO for ages)
  • The US Senate seat from Illinois formerly occupied by Obama flipped to a Republican
  • The US Senate seat from Massachusetts formerly occupied by ultra extremist liberal Teddy Kennedy flipped to a Republican
  • Ohio’s Democrat governor lost reelection
  • Blue Pennsylvania’s governorship flipped to a Republican at the end of a term limited Democrat governorship
  • Blue Michigan’s governorship flipped to a Republican at the end of a term limited Democrat governorship
  • Blue New Mexico’s governorship flipped to a Republican at the end of a term limited Democrat governorship
  • Blue Wisconsin’s governorship flipped to a Republican with the incumbent Democrat not seeking reelection
  • Harry Reid’s son lost the Nevada governor race in purple Nevada despite the troubled previous Republican governor
  • Blue Iowa’s governorship flipped to a Republican
  • Blue Maine’s governorship flipped to a Republican at the end of a term limited Democrat governorship
  • Despite the hatred that liberals spewed at Arizona’s Republican governor, she won reelection
  • Despite the intense efforts to defeat Michelle Bachmann, she won reelection
  • Despite New Hampshire being surrounded by blue states and trending liberal, its Senate seat stayed in Republican hands
  • Despite blue Rhode Island having a term limited Republican governor, an INDEPENDENT won the governorship instead of a Democrat

Now, credit where credit is due:

  • In deep blue New York, both US Senators (Chucky Schumer AND his minime, Kirsten Gillibrand) stuck around
  • In deep blue New York, the Cuomo dynasty is back in control
  • In deep blue California, career politician Barbara Boxer kept its US Senate seat
  • In deep blue California, retread Governor Moonbeam, I mean, Jerry Brown, succeeded a term limited disappointing RINO/washed up actor, basically “keeping it in Democrat hands”
  • In deep blue Washington, career politician Patty Murray narrowly won reelection to the US Senate
  • In deep blue Massachusetts, Barney Frank kept his seat
  • In deep blue Delaware, the US House seat flipped from its retiring and ultra liberal RINO to a Democrat, again, basically “keeping it in Democrat hands”
  • In Louisiana, a US House seat that had only flipped to a Republican in reaction to its previous occupant (William Jefferson) being tainted by a major scandal, flipped back to the Democrats
  • In deep blue Vermont, career politician Patrick Leahy won reelection to the US Senate
  • In deep blue Connecticut, a Democrat who “misspoke” about serving in Vietnam succeeded a retiring Democrat Senator plagued by accusations of scandal
  • In deep blue Maryland, career politician and 20 year veteran of the US Senate, Barbara Mikulski won reelection
  • In deep blue Illinois, incumbent Democrat governor (who succeeded the impeached Rod Blagojevich) NARROWLY won reelection (this should have been a lock with Chicago politics!)
  • In deep blue Hawaii, the governorship flipped to the Democrats, after a term limited Republican governorship

So, as we can see, Tim Kaine can at least preside over some offices in what anyone would consider “safe Democrat” deep blue states staying or flipping to the Democrat column.  I think this would mean he is a great candidate for US Senator from red Virginia in 2012 with Democrat one term wonder Jim Webb hanging up his hat.  Great for Republicans to defeat, that is.

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