Democrats are my ex wife 5

    Obviously, I suppose, my first marriage was doomed. We had a world view incompatibilty situation. As my signature line indiactes, I do believe that none of us are without sin. I think that in any relationship there are sins of commission, ommission, and acquiescense. Sometimes we commit the wrong, sometimes we ignore, often without realizing it, the other party or our responsibilities, and sometimes we | Read More »

    Democrats are my ex wife 4

    Unrelated thought — this site is like Karaoke for frustrated journalists And another — those are some nice little buttons up there, but how come none of them say SPELL CHECK. I swear I know how to spell, just not type. My second lawyer really focused on presentation. My first lawyer was basically not there and left me to fend for myself. So I came | Read More »

    Democrats are my ex wife 3

    Sometime after our divorce was finalized, I asked my ex wife to agree to an annullment. Why not? According to her I am responsible for the Black Plague. Control freak type II that she is, she said no, because she would not have our children be considered illegitimate by the Church. After supplying documentation that this would not be the case. She raised another objection. | Read More »

    Democrats are my ex wife 2

    Divorce is actually very similar to our two party system. Not marriage, but the relationship that two begin when divorce is the paradigm. Although I am sure that the thought crosses the mind of both parties, simply eliminating the other one is not feasible. So it is with our political parties. Mutual cooperation is not the reality and it is foolish to pretend that it | Read More »


    Democrats are my ex-wife 1

    No matter what, my ex has to disagree with me, and especially when I come up with something first. For instance, if I learn that the one son of whom I do not have custody has a soccer game during one of my weekends, and a bye on a non-visit weekend, I will suggest a switch. The answer will ALWAYS be no. If I were | Read More »